Uganda 2023 Day 11

Uganda 2023 Day 11

Today during breakfast, I learned some words for the people of Usuk. Pastor John was helping teach me. 

Hello= Yoga noi

Thank you= a-ya-lama-noi

God bless you= sea-rare-a ede-kay

Fine= a-Jo-kun-na

I was in church service today. We only did two services. This is because of how many people were here when we finished our meeting. The first service was probably an hour. Pastor John talked and then John Basco did after and sang a song. They were saying their tribes should no longer fight. They should no longer hate each other. John Basco mentioned that Pastor John and Betty are raising his sister. He mentioned Joanne and Tony and how they had faith in him and helped get him through school.Near the end he mentioned going to university. That God had blessed him through a special person. Then he made me stand up. That made me feel more nervous than giving my message. Once they were done, Jodie and Tony gave their testimonies and prayers before we sent the group to education. 

There were so many people in the group that Mark came over and took them by groups of 50 to education or the waiting area for education. The second group of people filled up the church, but did not overflow to the sides like the first group did. I gave my message to this group as did Jodie, Tony, Radost, and Ashley. When we finished, Mark came over and had to tell them we were not able to see them. We would mark their card so when they some back tomorrow we could send them directly to education instead of church. I think we were told later it was about 150 people who we sent away, but Joanne said we saw more people today than the group had in at least ten years. Our providers saw 687 people between about 8 or 8:30am and around 5 or 5:30p. Although, the church was done by 1 which was lunch time. I spent time talking to people before I went to eat. Reverend James was telling me we have to be careful of what translation of the Bible we get because they are not all 100% accurate. He did approve of my NKJV though. Then Christina wanted to take pictures together. We did and a couple minutes later she had a baby in her arms. I asked if I could hold the baby. She was so cute! Christina and I believe the baby’s dad took pictures of me holding her. I think the dad snuck behind me for a picture too. Then, along with the baby we went to the lunch room. Mama Esther asked where everyone was and wanted me to make sure everyone knew about lunch. After Jen got to hold the baby, we went back to make sure everyone knew. Most of the medical team had already snuck away and ate really quick and the pharmacy was taking turns. I let Destanie hold the baby and left the baby with her. The mom was interpreting for one of the doctors. Then I walked back to have lunch. 

After lunch I did not know exactly what I should do. I helped search for the missing bibles that will be handed out tomorrow and then Radost and I helped Jodie prep gifts for our interpreters. We guesses at first how many there might be. Then Radost said Mark had a list. She went to find him to get it. Mark came back with her and since it was on his phone, I just had him screen shot and airdrop it to me. Later when he verified with everyone who their interpreter was, he was told we had two more ladies, so we had to add two more gifts. After the gifts were bagged, I spent time with Mama Esther, Sarah, and Sam in the kitchen. They are always hard at work. We had so much fun just talking and singing along to the worship music they had playing. They are so funny. Later I asked Sam if I could use his hotspot so I could send messages to people at home. The most important one was going to Issac (youth pastor) and his wife, Emily. I felt like God was telling me something I need to do and I wanted to tell them so they would not let be back down and they would make sure I followed through. I also told my parents and caught up with everyone on my family chat. It was actually 32 degrees at home and here I am sweating so much from the heat. I am not sure that going home will be fun. Maybe I will have to stay here until June so I won’t be as cold when I go home. I then kept Lany company for awhile. She had been laying in her bed for a couple hours. I went out to talk to her so she would not be alone. It was great to hear more about her life in Rwanda. She has become very good at finding household items and get them for a good price. She got a tv right before coming to Uganda and when her and the people that love with her got a new house, she was able to put together a makeshift kitchen with the items she was able to purchase. God has given her great gifts in her life that have been helpful while she is there. The other big thing we talked about was that God helped her out of a big hole she was in when she came to Uganda last year. The Sunday after she got home, she started a children’s church with her bishop’s approval. Lany said that 1/3 of the church is children. Her church is the only one around that actually has a children’s church. She said it has grown a ton since she started and she even put on a VBS that has also never been done in the area. I am so proud of her and the woman she has become. 

I was getting ready to go back out when Tony asked if I wanted to play cribbage. I said yes and the medical staff was walking in at that point, so I did not feel bad for not going out. By the time we went to bed, I beat him 5 games to 1, but the last game I skunked him which means I won 6-1. I told him I could not play anymore on the trip because I had to go out on a high note, but I will play later if he asks me.

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