Uganda 2014: Day 6

This morning half of our team went to see the students that graduated from Destiny last year and the other half stayed at the mission house. I decided to stay at the mission house to relax a little and sleep in. I ended up not sleeping in because I wanted to watch the sunrise, but the sun was behind a big cloud. For that reason, I regret not sleeping more. I did try to go back to sleep, but could not.

Once more of the girls were upstairs I was able to spend time with them. I asked our youngest team member how to correctly say her name because I heard people saying it two different ways. It made her feel good that I wanted to know. Her name is Caroline (carol- line). She is amazing! Her dad is a pastor and her mom is a stay at home mom. Caroline has the sweetest personality and a beautiful smile. While we talked, we decided to cut up our “Jesus is ____” t-shirts. Neither of us knew a good way to cut them. We ended up just cutting off the collar because they were tight. I wanted to take off he sleeves too, but did not know how to and have it still look good. Not long after we finished cutting our shirts, Bria came over and cut shirts for a couple other girls. They looked so cute! I asked her of she would cut mine. She did when she finished other things she had to do first. Caroline and I talked a lot today, but she could not talk because she had to work on her message for tonight. Once the other team came back, we ate lunch, took a group picture in our “Jesus is ___” shirts, and left for the orphanage.

Just before the gated entrance to Destiny, there was a pile of mattresses that were purchased with any extra money the people made for their trip. Once we pulled inside the gate we stepped back outside and took pictures of the mattresses and the boys taking them to where they will be stored for now. We were able to buy Destiny Orphanage and School 100 mattresses. Then we went to see the pigs that were purchased. Of which we were able to purchase 14 of different ages. All under a year old. 13 female and one male. That’s not all we were able to buy! We also raised enough money to buy 7 cows! God is so good! The money also helped them build a pin, feed and have care for them for a year… Both pigs and cows!

After taking our tour of what was purchased, we went on the back side of the high school for another worship service. There was a thunder storm rolling in too. The whole service was amazing! You could defiantly tell that God was there! Joanne did an alter call and somewhere around 43 students came forward. She asked Aaron (our friend and driver) to translate for her. After the prayer we had little bibles to give each of them, but at the very moment we handed out the first bible it started pouring. When the last bible was given the rain immediately stopped. Satin was not happy with what was happening here today. He knew God had the upper hand and wanted to distract from that, but failed. Even though all the students disappeared so fast, they still came back to hear more about their loving Father. Side note: when the rain happened and all of them ran for cover, the only people left in the rain were the Americans. We thought that was funny!

Then Caroline gave her message. As she started her message the wind started to kick up. Her message was amazing! She did not we stop when windows were slamming shut and clothes were flying off the rails from a over her. She also didn’t stop when the tarp covering the pallets she was standing on tried to fly away with her on it. I was impressed with how well she did! Her message needed to be heard by these students that are her age (16) and a little older. Satin wanted her not to be heard, but she kept going. Caroline showed them God’s love and did not quit when satin wanted her to. She is one amazing girl! We were all so proud of her! When her message was over the wind slowed almost to a stop. Joanne went up to give a little more of a message. The wind attempted to kick up again, but she kept telling it, “stop! We’re not done yet!” And it never got bad again. She did not do an alter call, but she did a spiritual baptism call. More students came up this time then for the alter call. Maybe twice as much as the alter call!

Today was amazing! I know I keep saying everything is amazing, but it is so true! God is going to do so great works to and through these people!

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