Uganda 2017 Day 5

Sunday morning! I was able to FaceTime with my parents while drinking tea and waiting for the sun to rise. It was so beautiful! I even got to show my parents with FaceTime. We had a wonderful breakfast of eggs, sausage, pineapple, bananas, and toast. Then we waited to head to our assigned churches for the morning.
My group did service as saints gate church. We started with Sunday school. There were five people on my team. Algena, Hannah, Andrew G, David, and I. For Sunday school they had different classes that they wanted us to teach. There were exactly five classes! That meant I had to teach one by myself and I had nothing planned. I was so freaked out. They had married, single, senior, kid, and college classes. David asked me to lead the senior’s Sunday school class. I had no idea what to do or even say. I walked to Algena and asked for an idea then she sent me to David. He said to use a scripture I recently read or a personal testimony. Mama Eva then grabbed my hand and walked me over there. She said to let them know that are important and still needed. That they can make a difference. When I sat down next to the interpreter I was still freaking out, but prayed that God would help me. The interpreter asked me to introduce myself, talk about my family, and many other things I forgot. So, I told them my name and then a couple other things about myself before I completely forgot what else she wanted to know. She asked me when I was born again. I told them at the age of 7. They were all impressed because most of them were born again at older ages. Then I remembered she asked about family and told her I have a grandpa who is a pastor. That is when I had an idea about what to talk about. The last thing was what hobbies I have and I told her about the dahlias and that I named two after destiny orphanage. She then said I could begin teaching the class. Grandpa is the inspiration for what I talked about. I told them how important it is to love others and how grandpa loves everyone. He makes friend with everyone he meets and shares God’s love with them. Even just a random person he passes. I told them showing others God’s love is so important because we want others to be able to come to God too. I also, through stuff the interpreter was saying to me, told them it important to pray for the younger generations to come to God. I used the example of my grandparents praying for my cousin everyday to come back to Christ. That God told them he would be back one day, but they continue to pray. I am not 100% sure God told them that. At the end, the asked me to pray for them for different things, so I did. I also wanted to pray for the group as a whole. When we finished praying, David brought Alex over to talk to them too. The other part of our team that rode to saints gate with us were going to be picked up and driven to their church, but the van broke down. He was a part of this group before he joined us. Then Alex told them almost the same thing I did, but probably in a more fluid way. It is amazing how God can take two people, with one not being near the other and have them share a lot of the same thing.
After Sunday school we stayed for worship. A bunch of the kids did a special dance on stage before we headed to kids church. It is so cool when they do these things! Anyone can walk up on stage and hand a person up there money. It is extra cool to me at saints gate church because it is in Katwe. Katwe is a slum. These people don’t have much money to begin with yet alone to give to someone else. The giving hearts of these people are amazing! When the kids finished dancing to their songs we headed to kids church. We took the little walk through Katwe to where the children’s church is located. There were about 150-200 kids there. Sadly we did not have enough time to go super in depth during the message and we had to take our doing a game. We started by introducing our team. Algena gave the message to the kids then we lead three songs. They had so much fun doing the last song that we took a little extra time to sing and dance to it again. When we got back to the adult service, David was just finishing up his message. He was talking about how we need to give our burdens to God. He talked about this verse: 
Matthew 11:30

For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”
No matter what burden you have God will take care of it. You only have to give it completely to him. No matter what you are facing. Try to remember in the moment that God will take your burden. Just ask him. It may not be an instant answer or the answer you wanted, but God will help with your burden. I needed this message so much! I may have only heard the last couple minutes, but it really hit home. When David was finished with his sermon we headed back to the guest house.
Once the rest of the team arrived we at a lunch of pot roast, potatoes, and salad. We were able to share our stories with each other. Cassie’s team went to a village church. They, like every team, brought a bag with 50 pieces of candy, 25 boy toys, and 25 girl toys. I had put the toys in these bags the day before. I remember counting out 25 cars and 25 barbies. I actually counted the barbies three times to make sure because I was so shocked it was exactly the amount we needed. Cassie counted out all the candy for each bag and there were exactly 50 there. Well, their team counted 49 kids (I think). So, they decided to hand out the gifts. They pulled out all the barbies and even double checked that there were not any left in the bag. It ended up that there were 26 girls. They decided to check the bag one more time, but knew they had already pulled all the dolls out. Sitting right on top when they opened the bag was a Barbie. God gave them one more doll for this little girl. When it was time to hand out the candy some kids went through the line twice. They only had 50 pieces which was enough for one for each child, but they handed out 67 pieces of candy. God provided again. Just like in the feeding of the 5,000 when he fed them with only a coupe loaves and a couple fish. He was working miracles through our team! 
After a little down time, we headed to Calvary chapel church for a two hour worship service our team led. We walked up approx five stories to get to this church’s sanctuary. We scattered ourselves through the congregation members so that we were not separating ourselves from them and we could get to know them. While waiting for church to start Cassie and I noticed these three taking pictures in selfie mode with us in the back ground so we smiled. They did it again and had us make a peace sign. Then one of the girls came back to our row to take a closer one with us. It was so funny and random. Worship was amazing. The team had so much energy and knew how to use it. They even had the kids come up to dance with them for a couple songs. It was wonderful worshiping God with everyone and hearing their voices lifted to him! Near the end of the last song, Spencer had Cole and Moses go up front and do a dance off. It was fun! Then he called Jamie and a Ugandan girl to go up to dance too, but they hesitated. As they finally stepped up to dance the power went out. We just finished the song without instrument. Cassie and I wanted to use our phone after church to take a picture with those three people. Sadly, because the power went out, we were not able to.
When we got back to the guest house we had a dinner of taco salad. Then we played games and headed to bed. 

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