Uganda 2023 Day 16

Uganda 2023 Day 16

Today we had mama Esther’s famous maple bars for breakfast. After breakfast we had our team meeting. Joanne gave some words about re-entry into our everyday lives. Then Mark gave a word for each of us with encouragement. The word he had for me was steadfast. With everything he said I agree that is a good word for me. I pray that I continue to be steadfast in life. Every word he gave for everyone, I totally agree with. We had a few minutes after the meeting before part of the group went back to Destiny School and Orphanage. While driving there, we had an assembly line going getting bags of gifts ready for the world changers. They each got Pringles, 4 noodle packages (like top ramen), and a bag of sugar. 

At Destiny, some of the young kids ran out of their class room and followed us. One of the teachers had to come out and send them back to their classrooms. We had to wait until they found a room for us to meet in. Once the room was ready, we shared with the world changers what we did and witnessed during clinic and encouragement for them. Then we prayed for them individually. We gave them the gifts after that and some of them got school books. Joanne asked them to take good care of the books so they could pass them on to other students later. They were also given “pocket money.” Joanne asked them to use it wisely as they won’t get anymore for a year. She also told them if there was money left, they would help the students, who had a field trip coming up, pay for it if there was money left. Then Destanie brought in four soccer balls for them to have. The boys were so excited! They even started playing with them in the classroom. When we walked out of the room, the younger kids were all around us again. Mark and Destanie were surrounded by them. When we left we took Peter and Brenda back to the first house with us.

Upon arrival, mama and Sarah had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches waiting for us. We ate and relaxed for a few minutes. Then I heard someone saying if anyone wanted to, we were doing a quick trip to quality supermarket. I did not have plans to buy anything, but went along. Well, I did buy stuff, but the most important items I bought were three jars of Nutella. One each for Peter, Brenda, and Ivan (who drove us). Once we were done shopping we were all going to meet in the coffee shop, but Jen ran into a jewelry store first. The coffee shop always takes a long time to get our drinks, so we tried to order as soon as possible. Jen and I got a juice that was pineapple, mint, ginger and lemon. It was actually good. Lany and Algena had about two hours to finish packing and eat dinner before their flight. The left the house around 6p and the rest of us left about 7:30p. The lines were long and slow, but we finally made it through everything to the waiting area. I found Nick in a restaurant where he was eating fried. I ended up ordering some too as they looked so good. They did not disappoint. Then we finically got on our plane and took off for home. Thankfully, I was able to sleep off and on most of the flight. Although, that means I was a little loopy most of the time I was awake.

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