Uganda 2023 Day 5

Uganda 2023 Day 5

Today I woke up for the sunrise, but there were to many clouds. I decided to FaceTime my brother and his family and then my friend Emily. Then I packaged meds while waiting for breakfast to start. For breakfast we had scones, eggs, sausage, watermelon, and pineapple. After that we had our team meeting. Then back to packaging meds and meeting with our teams for Sunday school and general kids church for the week. we were all surprised when the lunch bell rang. It seemed like we just ate breakfast. Sarah made us beef and veggie soup and rolls. While eating we were told we had to pack up  our main suitcases and carryon bags by the end of the day. Our Uganda clinic team is leaving tonight with all the medical totes and our main bags. The carryon bags will have the supplies we need for Sunday (tomorrow) and Monday morning. We will take these with us in the plane when we go to Karamoja. 

I was helping with dishes after lunch when one of the freedom projects (Seeds of Leadership also) boys came in. I verified with Joanne that it was John Basco. She said yes and I told her when I finished drying the dishes I would like to tell him that I sponsor him for university. When I was done, I saw he was sitting with a couple of the other guys and I did not want to interrupt. Plus I was a bit nervous, but I am not sure why. So, I went upstairs and told Joanne I would work on my bags and then tell John Basco. She told me, “no, do it now. Just ask him if you can talk to him for a minute.” So, I went down and shyly or probably awkwardly (knowing me) asked if I could talk to him. Once we were a little ways away, only in front of the kitchen, I said, “I am your sponsor.” The problem is, I said it so fast and did not enúnciate at all so he did not understand me. I then said, “I am the one who pays for your university.” He just stared at me for what seemed like a long time with a surprise and shocked look on his face. Then he gave me such a big, long hug. John Basco was so grateful. He kept thanking me and saying how he was grateful for me helping. Also, how much of a blessing I am. He even told me he would work hard and be a good steward of the money I am paying. I told him he deserved it and I am so proud of him. That he would do great things and I can see him sharing the gospel with others through his journalism. When he gave me the hug he also was so emotional that I could hear in his voice that he cried or at least teared up a little. Tony walked through and John Basco ended the hug and told Tony that I am his sponsor. It was such a sweet moment and I had tears at the corners of my eyes. John Basco said we will talk later and he went back to his friends while I went upstairs to work on my bags. I struggled to keep from crying before I got in my room. Once I got in I started bawling. Destanie and Jen looked concerned for me. I told them not to worry because they were happy tears and I told them what happens. That moment with John Basco was so precious to me and made me realize how much of a difference my little sacrifice made for someone. 

I was almost done with my bags when we had to leave to meet the young men and women in Seeds of Leadership. We walked a little way down the hill to the Yesu Akwagala church to meet with them. I realized I left my phone at the guest house and Destanie was nice enough to let me use her phone for pictures. Moses greeted us all and had John Basco pray to start. Each of them introduced themselves and said what they were doing in life for jobs or school. One said he works for amazima ministries in Jinja doing computer work (if I heard him correct). This is the ministry Katie Majors Davis started. Before my first trip to Uganda I read her biography about moving to Uganda at age 17 by herself. I won’t say more than that because if you are reading this you should read her book. It is much better than my blog and an amazing story. Another young man said he is a doctor, but wants to study more to become a pediatrician. One of the young ladies told us everything she is a part of. She helps women with job and domestic training and many other things. One of the other young ladies said on her boda boda ride to the meeting, her driver accepted Christ. When they were done, some of our team members talked and prophesied over them. Then as a group we went around and prayed. Denise let me borrow her phone so I could get a picture with John Basco. I told him that when people asked what I was most excited to do on my trip, I said to see him. I actually had that conversation with Nick on the plane ride to Uganda. John Basco was shocked and happy to hear that. After we did some mingling, we took group pictures and then went back to the guest house. Surprise, surprise, we ended up packing meds until dinner. 

For dinner we had potatoes, meatballs, and salad. The we finished preparing our bags and worked on meds until we had a meeting. It was a quick here is the plan for tomorrow meeting. Then we did, what Nick decided should be called  Jesus and Jazzercise. That just means we did dance practice for the kids church songs as a group. It was fun, but we did 6 songs and most of them we did twice. We were all hot and ready for showers when we finished. I went upstairs and mostly listened to, but joined in a little with the conversation Chole and Yoan were having about the differences between the USA and Bulgaria where Yoan lives. Then I showers and tried to get my blog done before 11:30p. Jen, Destanie, and I were too chatty and laughy to get it done. It is now 1:15a and I am going to try to see the sunrise. Maybe I will go to bed early tomorrow. We shall see.

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