Uganda 2023 Day 1 and 2

Uganda 2023 Day 1 and 2

For the first two days, we traveled to Uganda. Check in was a little rough, but went well overall. While waiting to board our plane, someone went up to Nick and said hi. It was one of his friends who was heading to Greece for a mission trip and leaving at almost the same time as us. It was great to hear them ask each other how they could be praying for the other person. They prayed together before his friend has to leave. 

On the first flight, I sat between Nick and Elena. He was so excited to get his first souvenir from the plane. It was the cutlery. It is made out of bamboo and he really wanted to keep them. We had a baby in the row in front of us. He was so cute! He did cry off and on throughout the flight and you could tell the parents felt bad. They apologized at the end of the flight and said they were heading home from Hawaii. I could not blame the baby for how he felt because I feel am sleepy and want to cry by the end too.

Other than that, our first layover was in Amsterdam. During the flight I debated waking Nick (who was next to me) up for the meal. I finally decided I should and gently shook him. He did not wake up so I debated again. Then I shook him harder. That happened to be her the lady was ready to get his pick between pasta and chicken with rice. He was so out of it that he could not think straight. He told her to pick and then ate it when he woke up a little more. He was happy I woke him up, so I made the correct choice. The second layover was in Kigali. For the second, we stayed on the plane while they unloaded, cleaned and reloaded people.

We finally landed in Uganda! 5 of us went ahead of everyone to get through customs and start pulling all our team bags. I think we got all except one bag by the time the everyone else was through customs. After verifying that nobody was missing a bag, we get them crates by security. They pulled Chloe and Mark’s (his first time here) bags. While the two of them, Denise and Ssepuuya tried to get that taken care of, the rest of us had our bags loaded in the truck. While we waited we prayed. Then we got a text saying they were coming out, but missing one bag. Security said they may release it in the morning. We will see what happens. Tony had joined the guys picking us up and decided to wait at the airport for a couple hours for the next fight to come in with Dr David and Bethany.

We made it to the guest house. Joanne greeted us and gave instructions and room assignments. I have Jen and Destanie as roommates. We got a little organized, showered, and finally went to bed at 2:40am.

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