Uganda 2022 Day 14

Before breakfast I went to the lobby to use the wifi since it was not really working the night before. The couple on the couch across from me was from New York. There son and daughter in law teach at the international university. It is on the hill across from the guest house near quality (the store). They also live on the top of the hill. The couple was visiting while they could as it is almost time for break. After breakfast I rode with Ema, Rachel Y, Jocelyn, Algena, and Lany as we drove to the top viewpoint of Murchison Falls. Once again, the power of the river amazes me! Ssepuuya explained to Jen, Destanie, and I how it take three months for the water to get from Jinja, Uganda to Alexander, Egypt. When we walked back to our vehicle, we learned another vehicle was having problems. Wilson moved the van around and he and Ema hooked up the jumper cables. Thankfully that is all they needed to get their van started. I talked to the lady that was riding in it. She is from Louisiana. Apparently she had already talked to someone else because she knew we were here on a mission trip. She asked the name of our group so she could look it up. I told her and then it was time to leave. Later Rachel Y and Jocelyn told me it is a common name and might be hard for her to find. I do hope she is able to find it. 

It was now time to head home (to the guest house). We did make a toilet stop at the entrance to the park. This was a struggle for me because there was a wasp flying around and I wanted to keep an eye on it. Thankfully, it mostly stayed away.  When we stopped for gas, I walked back from the toilet to see Ema, Wilson, and three other guys looking under the hood of our car. That was not exciting to see, but after a few minutes of working on it, the car started. I think it was mainly a battery issue. Algena bough ice cream to share with everyone. The bar I had was really good!We were on the final stretch home! The rain started pouring so hard, there was instant rivers and flooding on lower streets. Ema kept trying to wipe the fog off the window to see. That is when Rachel Y showed him how to use his defrost. I don’t know if I have ever seen anyone use defrost on their cars here before.

We finally made it home! Everything was unloaded from our three vehicles as we are done with them for the trip. I said goodbye to Ema and Wilson and we probably won’t see them again this trip, but I hope we do. Mama Esther has dinner ready not long after we arrived. I was not hungry at the moment, but ate anyway because I knew I would be later.  Then a small group of us went to quality to pick up items for the world changers (who we will have lunch with tomorrow) and anything we wanted personally. I went while I remembered what I wanted to buy, but we will probably be going back another day. When we arrived back at the house, I took over Rachel M’s hand on phase 10 as she had to leave for the airport. By the end we were all getting loopy and were laughing so hard. The game lasted until about 11:30p. Susanna said she and Rachel Y had been playing for just over 4 hours at that time. As they lasted the whole game without subbing someone in.

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