Uganda 2022 Day 5

Today all except five of us went to saints gate church in Katwe. Destanie, Rachel Y, Dr Dave and I went to the kids Sunday school. We read to them about the lost sheep and Esther. There was still a bunch of time left and I did not have any idea what to do so, Rachel Y asked if they had questions. I was very impressed with their questions. Due to the fact that we read from a kids book and not the Bible, some parts were missing that kids may not understand. The kids asked questions that pertained to those missing parts. Some of the questions were, “why didn’t the king know Esther was a Jew,” “did Esther and the king have kids,” “why did Haman want to kill the Jews,” “who killed Haman” and so many more. I was impressed about the questions they had. They wanted all the details. At kids church we read a couple stories again. Ross read about Joseph, Destanie read about Esther again as we had so many more kids, and Lany and Jen read about Psalm 23. Their leader did an alter call and 12 kids came to the front to be prayed for. We also did a couple songs with the kids and handed out candy. Before we were done, the Sunday school leader had all of us introduce ourselves and he told us about all their leaders. Then he had three kids come up and we prayed over them as they are preparing for big tests at school. Because we were done a little before the adults, their leaders did some songs with them and I had fun “white girl” dancing along. They were by far the better dancers. The church had invited the community of Katwe and the plan was to do a revival, so service was extra long.

After church we went out to lunch and the  relaxed at home the rest of the evening. 

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