Uganda 2022 Day 2

We landed in Turkey! There was not enough of a layover to explore. We walked through a lot of the airport. It was HUGE! I think it was bigger than most of not all malls I have been to. I was with Benjamin, Susanna, Algena, and Elena. We mainly just walked around until we learned what gate we were at. We did stop for the restroom, coffee, and searched for cough drops. There were no cough drops at any stores we looked in. Thankfully Joanne had some. At the airport we also met up with Hector, Ross, and Chloe. This flight was full, so no empty seat by me this time. I decided to sit in the middle seat so I could sit by my friend. The guy already switched his seat with someone, so he was fine with it. 

Not long before we started our decent into Kigali, everyone in my row got up for a quick restroom break. They guy sitting next to me and I were back in our seats when the stewardess rushed Algena back. I moved to her seat by the window and told her I would give it back to her when we landed. The problem is they yelled at everyone to sit back down, once we landed unless Kigali was their final destination. Then they did a cleaning of the rows and loaded more people. We sat in the plane the whole time and we’re not able to switch seats with our causing problems. Thankfully, Algena said it was fine. She started a conversation with the guy in our row. We learned when he had been a child, he was sponsored by someone through compassion international. Then he decided to work for compassion international when he became an adult. He said he was so thankful for the sponsorship and had way more opportunities in his life because of the people who sponsored him. Algena said she was excited to hear this as she sponsors a child through compassion international.

When we arrived in Entebbe, Uganda, it took a long time to get through immigration. Thankfully, as far as I know, none of the team had problems. At baggage claim is where we met up with Lany and the other Rachel. Their plane arrived about 30 minutes before ours. While looking for our bags, a guy came up to Lany and I to let us know he was in Uganda to do a concert in Kampala. He told us he plays the saxophone, invited us to the concert and gave us a business card. As we continued to search for our bags, we learned that Destanie and Susanna had to check their carry on bags while we were in Turkey because the plane was full and there was not room for them. Sadly, it sounds like they were taken off in Kigali. We got a phone number to call so we could keep checking when the bags would arrive. A group of us decided to head out to see if the vans had arrived yet. In Uganda, after getting your checked bags, you have to put them through another X-ray machine. They pulled Neal, Algena, David, and myself to have our medical bags checked. We lined up and waited. Neal was first and explained what it was for and gave them a letter each of us had that explains all the important details. I thought the lady was going to take his tote, but she told him to wait while she talked to a coworker and called her supervisor. During this time Algena texted Joanne to warn her. Then Jen was pulled to and a guy looked through her bag. It was mainly sheets. He let her go while the rest of us waited. Finally the lady came back and decided we could go. Right when we walked out the doors our drivers arrived! Ssepuuya, Richard, and a few other guys came to help load our bags and drive the four vehicles to get us home. I was so happy to see them and could not wait to spend more time with them, the people of Uganda, and my team!

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