Honduras August 1, 2019

Honduras August 1

Today our team had to be ready early and wait for a call from the Honduras team. We all were heading to the mountains/jungle. While waiting, Dr Tso, Dr Polley, Rick, and Mikayla decided to plank. Rebekah did a random short yoga routine too. We got the call little later thin we expected, but it was not bad. Our group rode in the van until we got to a dirt road. That is when we loaded into trucks and went for miles on a rode that is dirt and rocks. Some of the rocky areas had some big rocks to get over. At the first super wet area in the road our truck did some good fish tailing. Our truck was also hauling the trailer with our supplies and over night bags. On our drive to the school where we had clinic, the trailer came off three times. Thankfully, it never came off and rolled back down the super steep hills we were going up. The drive was rough, but fun! Every time the trailer came off, we yelled and hit the side of the car that Oscar was driving. Once we arrived at the school, there were already a bunch of people there. We set up in three time again. Freddy stood outside our door and let people in and out and also directed them were to go next. We saw a bunch of big families today. That means many little kids. I think I did vitals on three (maybe more) pregnant ladies. One that came in (I don’t think one I saw) had four kids with her and someone asked her if it was baby number five, but she said it was number eleven. The others were just not with her at the clinic. I think I did pretty good today with talking to people. Ages were the hard part because I don’t know all the numbers. We had Beth helping us by taking temperatures and weighing people again.

We got out of the school by 4:30. The road to where we stayed for the night was the same and the trailer fell off three more times. The second time it fell off, the hitch also came off the truck. At this area there was a family watching us and eating lichee fruit. One of the girls that translates asked if she could have some. One of the kids climbed the lychee tree in their yard and cut a few bunches down for us. Kassidy and I were excited because we had wanted to eat some. We thought we might make it all the way, but on one hill the truck and trailer could not get up. We tried many times. Then Oscar decided to leave the trailer and take us to the coffee plantation that we stayed at. We turned the trailer around by hand, so they could go back for it and later and drive it to where we will have clinic tomorrow. Our truck went the rest of the way to the coffee plantation. There was no way we could have made it with the trailer. There was at least one major spot that was to bad for the trailer to get through this time. The hills were crazy steep. I am sure I already said that. At one point Oscar had to back up one and then drive forward again for a bunch of switch backs. It was so fun because he drove fast. There was still a little light when we arrived, so we got to walk and look at a small area of the plantation. China took Beth and I off the path to a good picture area. The next part of our group arrived at this time and were told only to stay on the road. Then they showed us a snake skin hanging and said that was way. While waiting for the truck to come back again with our overnight bags, Joanna pointed out fireflies. I am pretty sure this is the first time I have seen them. Unless I was really little.

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