Honduras July 30, 2019

Honduras July 30

Today we had our clinic at another school. Once again, we had the nurses in a room, the dentist in another, and the providers and pharmacy in another. Today we saw more older people than yesterday. I love working with them! A mom and her daughter came to me for vitals and I started by doing temperatures. We took everyone’s temperature on their ear. I learned yesterday to do the parents first as the kids can be nervous. That way they see it is fine. Well, this girl was still not going to let me take her temperature. Her mom had to hold her tight and I held her hands down so it would not push far into her ear. Then I went to take her heart rate. I showed her the stethoscope and held it to myself so she knew what I was going to do. She was nervous, but let me do it. I looked up at her a few times during those 30 seconds of counting her heart beats and we smiled at each other. She had one of the best smiles! When I was done taking their vitals I asked if we could take a picture together and her mom let us. There was also another lady and her daughter. She was a little person and had her daughter with her. She was on crutches and her legs were very bowed, but she was so nice. I also was able to do vitals on the cutest older couple! I was afraid to do blood pressure because of how fragile they looked. He had helped her walk in and was taking such good care of her. I made sure to help her up from the chair and to the door with her husband. Later I learned that she had fallen on her way to the clinic and a some cuts on her leg from it, but was fine. One other person I did vitals on Mckenna and I asked him about five times what his name was, but he just went on telling us what was wrong with him. I realized that he might not be able to hear us and I asked one more time louder. Then he gave us his name. I then guessed that he must be loosing his hearing. I learned on the ride home that he actually has so much wax buildup in his ears they they could not complete clean them. Kassidy was working on him and said it was like chipping at a wall. She cleaned what she could and we sent him home with supplies to try there. I really hope this helped him. I did not do vitals on them, but we saw a 109 year old man, a lady in a 3 wheel chair/cart, and a guy that was on crutches with his foot wrapped. It turns out that man had been shot in the foot and did not know how to clean it of have supplies. Dr Tso showed him how to clean it and gave him supplies to clean and rewrap his foot. The first half of the day was not bad, but the second half was hard for vitals. As we were at a school, they were having band practice. It is actually pretty hard to listen to blood pressure and heart rates when there are a bunch of drums nearby echoing in your room. We made it through though. I did have to grab Lyndsay a couple times to double check.

When we got back to the hotel some of us went to the pier to look at bracelets, necklaces, and other trinkets. Dr Lo asked Mikayla to see how much it cost to go out on the boat at the dock. The cost was about $3-$4 USD per person. The eight of us there wanted to do it, but did not have time to see if anyone else wanted to. If we would have gone back to the hotel it would have been to late to do it before dinner and this was the only day we could. So, Beth and Mikayla paid for us (as we did not all have money, but just walked to the pier) so we could go. It was actually nice. He took us down a little waterway and showed us some trees and cool birds that live in them. Then we went back to the main area and got to view everything around from the water way. There were four big metal spheres that we went close to. He told us they are for natural gas. That is where it is stored for people to use for cooking and different things. When we were close to the pier again, he asked if we wanted to go fast at the end. Of course we all said yes. It was fun and worth the amount. We made sure to give a tip as well.

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