Honduras July 27th 2019

Honduras July 27th

Today is actually the day we flew out as our flight was at 12:40am. I believe the flight was around 3 and a half hour. We arrived in Huston and had a five hour layover. I thought this would be torture, but God blessed me and I was able to sleep a little on the flight to Huston. Of course waiting was not fun because we just wanted to arrive at our destination, but it was great to walk around and some of the team was even able to sleep at the airport. Once we arrived at our gate Beth waited at the bags while everyone grabbed breakfast until Joanne and I got back so she could find something. We sat there for awhile after a couple other team members came back. Lily got up from the spot she was sitting and went to hug someone. I thought it was crazy that she happened to see someone she knew while we were there. Right after that thought, I realized she was our last team member, Kassidy. I could not believe that I forgot about her, but I am blaming lack of sleep. I decided that I needed to walk, so I walked to the tram and around a couple of the other terminals. It felt so good to move.

When it was time for our flight to leave, they announced that our plane was over booked by 8 people because they got a smaller plane. They offered $500 flight vouchers, a free hotel for the night, and free meals at the airport for whoever would wait until the next morning. I am not sure who decided to do this, but we could not. As it turns out, there were three other big teams traveling on our plane to Honduras too! We knew this because of their matching shirts.

When we finally arrived in Honduras, it was not as humid as I expected. That was a pleasant surprise. We rode about an hour and a half (with Mikayla G driving) to our hotel. It is on the ocean and so beautiful! Some of us went down to the water to swim or stand in it. The water was so warm! While standing there, we saw a big school of fish jumping in and out of the water a few times. It looked cool! Sadly, they stopped when Beth and I pulled out our cameras and did not do it again. Rebekah told us that, if you stand deep enough in the water and don’t move, they will eat the dead skin cells on your feet. I saw them swimming near me, but they never did. We also saw a couple crabs crawling around.

We did not have long in the water before dinner. The food is amazing! After dinner we had a quick meeting where we decided to go through the bags tomorrow and divide the medication by day. This way we could relax and sleep go to sleep early if we wanted.

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