Sri Lanka Day 9

Sri Lanka Day 9

I woke up and sat on our balcony for a little bit before getting ready for breakfast. They have so many pastrys at breakfast. They all looked so good. The range of options is amazing. I got an omelet and sat at the table with it, but walked away for a minute. When I came back it was on the ground. One of the crows has swooped in to steal it,even though some of my team was near. I guess it got a small piece, but the rest of the omelet fell on the ground.

After breakfast we went to Heavena for one last time. When we arrived, we were able to meet the newest member of the Heavena family. One of the girls had her baby boy on Friday. He has so much hair and Mom was smiling so big when all of us fussed over him. He did not have a name yet, but mom said she wanted Joanne and us to name him. When we met as a group, Joanne shared about how to keep themselves and their kids clean during our morning time. We also read the Bible together. Then we gave each of them a gift and they gave each of us a gift. They gave us cards and a had made magnate. Before we split into groups this day, we all took pictures together. This is when Joanne said he should be named Judah. We all loved it! She wanted to make sure Mom could say the name. She was able to. Then Joanne told her about Judah and why that name was perfect. It was very special. After this we had the girls line up and we prayed for them individually. I was able to pray for two of them. I asked what they would like prayer for before I began. While praying for the first girl, I felt a tear drop on my hand. Then the same with the second girl. All these girls are amazing! I pray that they will seek God with all their being and raise their children to seek him too.

Then Joanne had the girls split into groups by where they wanted to go one more time. They had all been to each learning station. Today instead of helping with sewing, I got to love on the babies. They could not be any sweeter. We only had the little ones because the older kids were at school. Holding the babies gave me more of a chance to see what all the moms were doing. I also walked outside to see how the guys were doing with the landscaping. The yard looks nothing like it did when we arrived. The ground was red then and now there was grass and even plants around the border. On of the ladies, Nisha, gave me a key chain. The first day we met we talked about cakes and cupcakes because she does decorating on the side. She is really good. I forgot to show her mine though. I wanted to, but would have had to pull them off Facebook. She actually helps teach the girls to cook and bake when we are not there. Our day with the girls was short. We left a little after lunch. They pulled some products out last minute to sell, so I bought five items. We all waved at each other as our bus drove away. I learned that two of the moms asked God into their heart while there that day! It makes me so happy! I pray that through the whiteness/action of them and reading the Bible’s we gave them, that the rest of the girls will come to accept God.

When we left the shelter, we dropped off some of the team at the hotel and the rest of us went shopping. Therese took us to a big store called odel. It is kinda like a big target store. She said this is a great place to buy tea. They also have a reward point card that can be used at the different sections in the store. So, when we bought tea, we just passed her card down the line to get her a bunch of points. She mainly got them at the tea store because from there we did a divide and concur move because we did not have much time. All of us bought a lot at the tea store, so it was good for her. Then we went to the are that had the coffee shop we went to on Sunday. Kennesha really wanted to go back and a few others were interested in looking at the stores here too. Some of the group bought coffee too. Roger actually drove Don, Vanessa, and Jayne to gem and gold stores. They met us at the coffee shop and rode back to the hotel with us.

During the ride back to the hotel, Therese passed out gifts that her and the kidz net team made for us. They are little trinket boxes. She said to put treasures in it from Sri Lanka. Things that will remind you of Sri Lanka and the stories. I already had collected a couple sea shells the day before. When Don, Vanessa, Jayne and I went for a walk on the beach I grabbed a few more. It was fun to watch the sunset two days in a row.

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