Sri Lanka Day 7

Sri Lanka Day 7

Today we left the guest house at 4am for our whale watching tour. The drive was about two hours to where we needed to be. Therese and sachini made us fruit parfait cups and woke up at 2am to make us cinnamon rolls. Rodger, Therese’s husband, drove a separate car and picked up two other people on the way. We were trying to keep him updated on where we were so he could follow us. They were not far away when we were about to turn onto the highway, so uncle stopped practically in the middle of the road. He stopped right at the in ramp for the highway. Thankfully, much closer than I thought. Therese took this time to pass out our breakfast. Except the papaya, the fruit and yogurt parfait cups were amazing! I think even better that any I have had at home. Her cinnamon rolls are even better. She knows how to cook!

When we arrived at the area for the tour we turned into the driveway and it was incorrect. The guy at the gate directed us where to go. It turned out he sent us the wrong way. So, we went back and he told us that he was sorry and he directed us the wrong way, but to make up for it he called to make sure we would not miss our tour. Therese said this is very unheard of in Sri Lanka. They normally deny mistakes. We did make it in time. After going through a little security point where they check your bags, we waited to get our seat tags and I think the actual paper copy of our tickets. Joanne told us that the guy who was doing the tickets was good looking. She told him that most of the girls on her team are single. Then she pulled poor Ren up to the counter. It was only slightly comical because Joanne did not grab me.

When we walked on the ship they gave us two boxes with food. One had fruit and the other had a chicken strip, chocolate muffin, and a fried fish wrap thing. I ate the chocolate muffin, but was not really hungry. The boat was set up a lot like an airplane. The space between the seats was about the same and they had tray tables to pull down. Poor Jen was already not feeling well, even though she took a sea sick medicine. When the boat started going it was fine. Then after a few minutes the water was so choppy and the boat was going so fast that half our team became sea sick. Including me. I never vomited, but almost did when I saw sachini out of the corner of my eye vomiting. I felt so bad for her. I am pretty sure she was the worst out of all of us. They finally let us go outside, but we had to walk to the back of the boat, get on a life jacket, then walk outside and upstairs. It was the longest walk ever, but once I was it the fresh air, it was so much better. We found a good spot to stand where we could see our and the wind was directly blowing on us. We got to a certain area and there were tons of whale watching boats there. Anytime someone would see a whale blow water all the boats would turn and head that direction. It was so funny. It was like lions going after their prey. It was one of the most entertaining things I saw that day. The only problem where I was standing is, the main system for the air conditioner. Every once in a while I would get a good long currant of hot air from it. Between that and the super thick, snug life jacket I was not feeling well long. The heat from the a/c unit was worse when we stopped and I also had the sun beating down on me. I finally unclipped the life jacket. It helped a little, but not for long. About 2/3-3/4 of the way through the tour, I could not take it anymore. I walked over to the other side of the boat and took off my life jacket. I sat next to Vanessa, Ren, and Jen. I asked Vanessa if I could lay my head on her shoulder because the railing was to far away to be comfortable. Actually, I almost fell asleep on her. Then the engine picked up and we were off after a whale. This was maybe ten minutes after I moved. Of course we actually were able to see the whale good, but it was on the side I left. I missed it. Although, I did see their tails not to long after. Thankful, we were only out on the water about half an hour longer before heading back. Sachini was finally standing upright and looking around. She told me she might do what you see in the movies she she gets on land. She was thinking about kissing the ground. She didn’t though. The cool wind felt so good on the ride back, but they made us go down below for the last twenty minutes of that time. Sachini said she was feeling sick again and did not think she could move to walk down. Thankfully she did make it.

After departing the boat, we went to a little town called galle. We decided to have lunch there and shop if we had time. I went with Don, Vanessa, and Jayne. We went to a restaurant that overlooked the ocean. I was so happy my stomach had calmed down so fast that I could eat. I decided to get something light. I decided to get a salad and a peach iced tea. The tea was lightly carbonated. It was perfect to have something cold. While waiting for food I decided to use my phone camera to look at my face. When I turned it on I gasped and quickly turned it off. My face was so red! I could tell, but thought maybe it could mostly be from the wind. I did not put had taken the sunscreen out of my bag the day before because I had been inside the whole time. Also, I felt so sick on the boat that I did not even think about it.

When we were done eating we decided to walk around some shops. After looking at stuff in one we say Jay and Lolita on a relaxation bed with Therese next to them. Jay looked very sick. She was so dehydrated. I felt so bad for her. We prayed and Lydia went to find a drink with electrolytes. Jayne, Vanessa, and I went back to our shopping because there was nothing more we could do. We went into two more stores before deciding to find the gelato store that Therese and Rodger told us about. They said the pistachio is the bast ever. Sadly, they did not have pistachio, so I got one scoop of chocolate and one of hazelnut. It was so creamy and smooth. Our time went by so fast that we had to get on the bus after that.

We left Galle and went back to the guest house. On our way back we stopped for a restroom break. At this place we had to pay to use the restroom. I think it was 20 rupies to use the restroom. Only a few members of the team got off the bus when we arrived at the guest house. The rest of us went to a shopping center called paradise road. It was a nice place to shop and had some more high end items. Some of the sections were locked as we arrived there a few minutes before closing. I think each of us did buy a couple items thought. Then we finally headed to the guest house for the night. We quickly put together everything for kids church the next day and practiced the dance for “Real Love” before going to bed.

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