Sri Lanka Day 5

Sri Lanka Day 5

Today For breakfast we had curry potatoes, lentils, hard boiled eggs, bread with mixed fruit jam and a nest looking thing made out of rice flour. It looked like pasta in nest form. Then each of us was given a coconut to drink the water. It was good! A fresh coconut off the tree is the only way I like to drink coconut water or eat coconut.

After breakfast we had our team meeting. Joanne talked to us about the Holy Spirit and the gift of speaking in tongues. A couple people asked questions when she was done speaking. My roommate, Jayne, said she would love to have the gift. So, we did worship together and then prayer. At the end of praying we gathered around Jayne and prayed over her to receive the gift of tongues. It was the most powerful prayer moment I think I have ever been a part of. I have be in groups where we pray as a team for someone to have the gift of speaking in tongues, but this one was amazing. Therese came in while we were praying and said we are a power house. Jayne did get the gift of tongues! We are all so excited for her!

We left after that for Heavena. Angelina shared her story when we arrived. Then Joanne spoke for a couple minutes and asked the girls if they had any questions for Angelina. None of them spoke up, so Joanne said if they wanted to they could ask her in private. A couple girls did go up to her and said they wanted to talk with her the next day. We had the same classes and yard work. Although, for jewelry making they made necklaces today and bracelets yesterday. The sewing machines gave us issues again and one stopped working completely. The girls in the kitchen made chicken sliders and they tasted so good! I am still amazed at how quick these girls are at learning. Even more so because they slowly get instructions because we tell them in English what to do and then the translator does. I helped with sewing again today. I really hoped we got the machines working, so there would be no issues today. Sadly we did have issues. The girl on one of the machines that didn’t really have issues tried so hard to sew in a straight line. The problem is the pedal was so sensitive that she kept going fast. That made her line not as straight. Even I had a hard time keeping the machine at a slow pace. I was proud of her for keeping at it. The lines did get a little better by the end. The other issue she has was she would cut the string off right next to the sewing food, so when she would start the next line the needle would unthread. At least she had a lot of practice getting that done.

By lunch time the girls had given up on sewing because most of the time was spent fixing things. For lunch we had rice, curry with sweet potatoes in it, eggplant, green beans, cucumber, and crispy tortilla strips mixed with fried curry leaves. We had ice cream and jello for dessert. The ice cream was amazing! Maybe because it was a cold treat on a hot day, or maybe it was the ingredients. Either way, I could not have asked for anything better.

After lunch we did a little sewing, but our girls left. So, I got to walk around and see what other groups were doing and hold some of the babies. Some of the girls blew bubbles and had balloons for the kids to play with. Before we left we were called in to sing happy birthday to Jodie and enjoy cupcakes. I put the super sticky sprinkles on the top of the cupcakes earlier In the day. Then we had to rush to leave. The president of the country was in town doing a speech and trying doing a rally or something for his party.

When we arrived back at the guest house, we had some down time. There was a evening service at the church, but we did not have to go if we did not want to. I chose to stay behind because I have learned with my mission trips that when I have a chance at down time and know the next few days we will be going non stop, that I need to take it. I was one of six that stayed. Kennesha, Tammy, Diane, Mari, Jayne, and I stayed behind. Tammy, Diane and I talked for awhile in the main sitting area. While we were talking one of the employees walked in and he dropped off a towel. About five to ten minutes later this other guy walked in. He was heading for Kennesha’s room and said something to us. We thought he said something about boss or bus. We thought either way Kennesha is the boss and if he said bus we need to load up for dinner. So, he knocked on the door and went into the room. A second later she came out and said, “really guys.” Then she walked him out of the building. We asked her what was going on and she told us we was seeing if there was a place to stay. The three of us were shocked and laughed. We told her what happened and then laughed so hard.

After talking some more, I had to lay down in my bed for awhile. I could hardly keep my eyes open. I laid down for around thirty minutes and maybe slept for ten because I was afraid my alarm would not go off and I would miss walking to dinner. Therese had given Kennesha directions to Toby’s earlier. The plan was for those who stayed behind to walk to Toby’s for dinner and the rest would meet us there. Jayne stayed behind because she needed to rest. So, the five of us set out on our journey to Toby’s. Well, the last turn the directions said to go left. We did and walked forever. Mark finally pulled out her phone and brought it up on google maps. We walked at least a mile the wrong way. So, we turned around. Mari wanted coffee and we had extra time, even though we got lost, so we stopped at a coffee shop. Then when we were about two buildings away, we stopped at a little food store so Mari could buy instant oatmeal for breakfast. Then we finally made it to Toby’s. Our team arrived about eight minutes behind us. I had a veggie wrap that came with wedge potatoes and salad. Thankfully, we were able to ride the bus home. None of us stayed up long as we were still super sleepy.

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