Uganda 2017 Day 11

For breakfast we had pancakes, eggs, sausage, pineapple, and watermelon. We went back to saints gate church today for an event. City church does a thing called weekend and they had extra bracelets from it that we handed out to people who joined. Kristi and one of the Ugandans went out on the streets of Katwe with some of the bracelets. They gave a bunch of kids bracelets and told them to go to the church for music, games, and prizes. After playing a couple songs, our team had the kids play musical chairs. As each kid was eliminated they got a gift like s yo yo or maybe a jump rope. When the game was over one kid came to me with a yo yo and asked what it was. I showed him how to use it and he was so excited! Some of the kids would run out of the church and come back so they could get another bracelet. They are smart kids. At one point the young man, probably in his 20s walked up and I gave him a bracelet. I invited him to go into the church. He said no thank and was fine with looking through the window. He stood there for awhile, then he decided to go in. I really hope he asked Jesus into his heart or at least will go back to the church. I saw this mom trying to get her baby (maybe 1 and 1/2 years old) to come into the church. I think us mzungus (white people) freaked her out. So, I went down and put a bracelet on her. I invited both of them in, but her mom said she is to busy. While I was down there these other ladies walked by. Another one was trying to get her toddler to come, but she started crying because of our white skin. Destiny bussed in 250 kids if I am not mistaken. I had left before all the destiny kids arrived. Some of us left with the band, so that we could go to the night worship service. 
The band and a couple other people left at two and headed to Christ heart church, but not the one in down town Kampala. This church took about two and a half hours to get to. I think we arrived when it was time for church to start. It did not start for a little while after we arrived. So, we talked to some of the people. I talked to this one girl who has been going to the church for three years (I think). Before that she went to one on her university campus. I learned that her grandpa use to be a reverend. When he died some of her family stayed in the religion he taught, but she became a born again. She really wants her family to be born again. Cassie talked to this lady who raises chickens. She asked about the eggs because the yolk is gray here and yellow at home. The lady said that the grey yolks are if they eat the grass and yellow is if they are fed grains. I thought that was very interesting! Service was probably two to two and a half hours. It started off with prayer. The guy said it would be ten minutes if prayer, but it was longer. Then our team led worship. I think they planned seven or more songs, but the entire service did only 3. Joanne went up a couple times and talked to the congregation as God led her to. One time she went up and asked anyone who did not have the gift of tongues to come up and pray to receive it. I went up, but did not receive the gift of tongues. If God wants me to have it I am sure it will happen when he is ready. On our team, Andrew, Hudson, and Kate all received the gift of tongues. While people were praying, the bishop was playing his saxophone. I forget the first two songs he played, but I knew them. The last one he played was a Petra song! I thought that was so cool. He stopped playing and said he felt like God had given someone a vision and we would not continue the service until that person stepped forward and shared. This lady sitting a few seats from me went up there. She said she had a vision for the whole congregation, but there was a man she needed to talk to first. She pointed at Hudson, who was sitting on the stage in prayer still. Hector and Spencer had him go to the part of the stage where she was standing. She told Hudson that as he worships he will be changing the lives of people. He will see this as he leads worship. There was a little more to it, but that is a good summery. Then she said there is another man. She looked around and found Spencer. She told Spencer that the Lord is going to visit him, but not at a time when it is obvious. It will be when he is alone. Wow!!! After talking to Spencer she ask the bishop to forgive her because she needed to take of her heals as her legs were wobbly. Then she gave the congregation their prophesy. I don’t really remember it. A couple other guys came up and gave prophesies. These were also about the church and/or church leaders. At the end of the service, we sang one of the songs from the beginning again. It was a fun, fast song called “how good and pleasant.” We all danced, but the bishop was just going for it. Spencer had him go on stage and everyone copy his dance moves. It was so fun! What a good way to end and incredible service!
On our drive home we brought four Ugandans with us. We dropped two of them off in Kampala when we arrived. In the row behind me were two girls. I did not hear the name of the one that do not really talk, but the other girl’s name is precious. She was so funny. All of us told each other jokes. Precious braided Cassie’s hair. Then hector and Spencer wanted their hair braided. She has a hard time with Spencer’s because it is so fine. It took about three to three and a half hours to get back because of the jam. We dropped the girls off at the bottom of our hill. They still had to go to Entebbe. That meant at least another hour and a half for the girls depending on how bad the jam was the rest of the way. We arrived home about 10:40pm. Mama had chicken enchiladas ready for us. Our team sent her home and kristi stayed up to see us then even washed our dishes. It was a long day and we had to leave early the next day.

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