Uganda 2017 Day 10

Today we had bacon, eggs, toast, pineapple, watermelon, and oranges that had green skin for breakfast. We hung out at the house for quite awhile before Aaron picked us up and drove us to saints gate in Katwe. The team met with the freedom project students. They had been there 8am. They talked about different things and shared stories with each other. We arrived around 2pm. They clapped when we arrived when we got there. We took our seats and Moses did a little intro. Then they quickly introduced their selves, where they are studying and what they are studying. Some of them thanked us for being there and everything we are doing. Then we had lunch. They served us rice mixed with veggies, two kinds of beans, meat, KFC chicken and a couple other things I can’t remember what they are. While we were eating I sat next to Dennis. We talked the whole time. I am not really sure when I had time to eat, but I did eat. After lunch the mzungus introduced themselves and said a few words to the students. When our team finished Moses invited pastor Fred to come up and give a message. As he started to talk a lady came in making lots of noise and sat down next to Jodie. I was pretty sure the moment I heard her that she might be demon possessed. A bunch of the boys got up to escort her outside and pray for her. She they grabbed her to lead her out, she started resisting and got a good grip on Jodie’s arm. Jody fell over in her chair and they were able to get the lady to let go. I was and still am proud of the boys. They stayed with her and prayed for most of not all of the talk Fred gave. I also prayed for the boys and the lady as they were gone. When pastor Fred was done, kristi gave a short message and then Joanne did. While Joanne gave her message some of our team headed out to another church to lead worship. It was amazing to see the freedom project students! They are ready to be educated and change Uganda. To show Jesus and God to Uganda. I am so proud of everything they have accomplished! We were able to talk with them and take pictures too! I had an instant camera and was able to give a few of them some pictures. They all told me they wanted mama Joanne in the pictures. They love her so much! I am so happy that God has used her and the team that started freedom projects! These students have such an amazing chance to go so far in life because of their help. 
There was an evening worship service that most of our team did not go to because of some miss communication. If we wanted to go to it we would have had to leave with the band. I was actually ok with this because I needed to go to bed early. The next morning the team said it was an amazing service and they only were able to play two songs because of time. Andrew got on stage during his dad’s drum solo and started dancing. I was able to see a video. He is a fun young man! I am so thankful I was able to come on the same trip and him and his dad.
Oh! For dinner we had veggies, potatoes, and these “meat loaf” balls. It is like making a meat loaf, but in a ball form. Brian was visiting and told Cassie and I it is so much easier than a loaf. You don’t have to wait nearly as long for the meat to cook through. This is how his family makes them now.

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