Uganda 2017 Day 9

Notes from morning meeting:Matthew 6:6

Romans 5:3-5
For breakfast we had biscuits and gravy, eggs, pineapple, and bananas. Our band lead a lunch time worship at Christ heart church in downtown Kampala. On our drive there, once we got to downtown, there were people on the side of the road and in the middle divider selling stuff or begging for money. They were little kids that were begging. It was so hard to sit there while they had their hands on the window and were saying hello to get your attention. The hard part is we were just sitting there because traffic was so bad. When we ignored them they would start hitting the window or side of the bus. Hector was sitting in the front seat. It was so hard for him. He said even at home he at least gives food to people begging. It was so hard for me to ignore them, so I could not imagine how much it was killing hector. The worship service was great! Everyone was singing with all their heart even if they were just learning the songs. I love hearing the Ugandans sing! David gave a short message about fear and not letting your fear control you. That we are no longer slaves to fear because we have Jesus in our lives. It was kind of similar to the message he spoke Sunday. You could tell it spoke to many people. David packed a lot of good into the short amount of time he had.
Then we headed home. Mama Esther had soup and rolls ready and waiting for us. After lunch, I helped go through all the extra bags we had brought with us so we knew what we still had and where it was. Ivan’s wife was here selling some clothes and purses she made. She has so much talent! We played games and stuff until it was time to leave. Moses’ wife Melissa came today too and played cards with Andrew and I.
We went to another church and our band lead worship. They were not ready for our team to start when we arrived, so we watched a soccer game. This service was on a university campus. Wow! This service was amazing!!! Best so far! When we started the room had about ten students, but at the end the room was packed! A pastor started it off by talking. I though it was just going to be a quick intro, but it was like a whole sermon. It was amazing! He is really passionate about God and the students. Then worship started. Man o man! It is ever start off great and end so amazing! During the worship set the team members shared what God put on their heart. The whole night was centered around the spirit and listening to the Holy Spirit. It was not even planned. God just made it work all together. The Holy Spirit was defiantly in that moment and in that place. Worship was so powerful! The last two songs were just a big dance party while we worshiped our God together. We danced together. Us mzungus did some of their dance moves with them and we just jumped around. No amount of description could even begin to explain what it was like.
When we got home mama Esther again had food ready for us. We had a rice and chicken mixture and a pasta, chicken , and thick sauce mix to put on top of the rice mixture. Along with that there was a pico de gallo to go on that.

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