Uganda 2017 Day 8

This morning we had sausage, toast, eggs, pineapple, and watermelon for breakfast. Today it poured. We were not to excited about this because we could have had to cancel our plans for the day. Thankfully, the rain stopped after an hour or so.Notes from morning meeting:

Josh 1:5-7

Psalm 31

Luke 12:22 plus some, 29

Psalm 34
After our meeting we finished getting ready for the day and played games while waiting for the rest of our team to arrive. We were all so excited to see each other when they arrived. They all had to run to their rooms and pack so we could leave. We headed to Entebbe to a resort. Our group met here with the world changers and had a pool party. It was so fun! When we arrived we handed out swimming suits that we brought with us to the boys and girls. People at home and team members donated swimming suits for us to hand out. All us girls walked to the changing room together. When each world changer girl walked out with her swim suit on our team of girls cheered for them. They looked so beautiful!!! God was totally in what suits people bought. They fit the girls perfect! It was like they went to a store and tried them on first. God is so good! When everyone was changed we had a hard time getting the girls out of the changing room. When they finally went out, the girls had so much fun in the pool. They went in the shallow pool and all the boys in the deeper pool. After the all became comfortable they began to play on both. We brought beach balls that they played with and the boys were jumping in the pool. Kristy and David tried teaching some of the kids to swim. Later Jamie, Hannah, and Ashley were teaching kids to swim too. I think the hardest concept was kicking with your legs straight. We took a break half way through our time there and fed them all lunch. Cassie and I sat with four of the girls. We asked them questions and they answered, but they were being a little shy. One of the girls brought her speaker so when they were not in the pool a lot of us had mini dance parties. All the world changers became to cold to swim, so in the end of our time we kicked the beach balls around. Before we left the resort, each kid received a special kit. Each kit had a pair of shoes, socks, shirt, a yo yo, pencils, and a couple other gifts. Some even had notes from their sponsor. Just like the swimming suits, the shirts and shoes fit perfect! God does amazing things! After everyone received their gifts, we sat around the tables and some of them thanked us. Then Joanne talked to them a little. She told the story about how one of them became a world changer. It was amazing! God knew he was meant to be one. When Joanne was finished another one of the kids came up. He loves to play and write music! Him and zach connected the day before when we were visiting them at destiny. He wrote this song after they met. The title it probably “zach is my best friend.” By the end of the song we were all singing along. It was so fun and I can’t get it out of my head. I am pretty sure the rest of the trip he is going to be told by our team that he is our best friend. It will also happen when he gets home from the people at his church too. 
Then all of us headed to a mall to get ice cream! We met back up with the world changers at the mall. It was the first time they had been there and probably one of the fanciest places they have been. Once they got their ice cream, groups of us slowly walked around the mall. The ice cream was actually soft serve from KFC. Joanne bought them all dinner for the ride home too. While walking around we found a church on the top level of the mall. They were singing “shout to the Lord.” While standing in the hall, Spencer and I started singing along. Then we all headed outside to take a group picture. They had us facing the sun, so I am pretty sure the picture had all of us squinting if our eyes are even open. Sadly we had to say goodbye after that. We walked them to their bus! It was hard to say goodbye, but I hope to see them again. 
We went back home and had burritos for dinner. Then, as usual, we played games and went to bed.

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