Uganda 2017 Day 7

Today for breakfast we had pancakes, bacon, eggs, and watermelon. We all got ready fast because we were excited to visit Destiny Orphanage and School. There are probably 5,000 kids there, but only 1,600-1,700 live at destiny. When we arrived, we walked down to mama Evah’s office. Some of the world changers met us there and walked us to the baby house. As we were walking there I saw playground equipment that they put in when the team came last September. All the little kids came running out of three different houses towards us! This always melts my heart! They are so happy. Each of them grab one of us. Sometimes when another kid comes up too, the first kid would try pushing that one away. All of us had so many kids climbing on us or sitting on our laps. They would come up and rub our legs, arms, and faces because they wanted to touch the white skin. They played with our hair too. They love blond hair the most, but just played will all of it. Because there was a breeze, my hair kept getting caught in their hair or would blow in their faces. One of the little boys came over and moved my hair for me. It was blowing in my face and the other little kids, so he took his hands and moved it to my back and tucked the rest behind my ear. Their smiles and laughs are so amazing! After I held some of the kids for awhile I decided to ask about mu and my grandparents sponsor kids. I asked one of the house moms and showed her a picture of them from my phone. She told me that I would not be able to see Tina because she is on break and home with her mom. Then she found kirabo who was on Cassie’s lap and Frederick who was playing with the boys. They look so different from last time I saw them! I was able to hold them for so long and take some pictures with them and other kids. When I went to take the first picture with them I noticed my phone lock screen was a picture of all three with me. Kirabo loved it! I pointed out each of them and told them that’s you. Then kirabo would point at Tina and say, “Tina!” Well, she said more than Tina’s name, but I did not understand any of it. Neither of them spoke English to me, so I don’t think they know it yet. When trying to take pictures, there were so many little fingers playing with my phone. They tried to take pictures, look at previous pictures, or kirabo would look at the lock screen picture again. Frederick kept trying to take my phone to play with it, but was ok when I told him no. Frederick is a little boy, so after a little while of sitting he decided to go play with the boys again. He went and hung out with Brian, who manages the guest house, for the rest of the time we were there. Kirabo and another girl just sat on my lap and cuddled until it was time to go. It is always so hard to leave the baby house and this time we are not sure if we will actually have time to stop at destiny again.
Next we went into one of the class rooms and were able to talk to some of the world changers. I talked to three boys that were sitting in the front row. They did not really talk to me, but would answer my questions. They want to be an electrician, plumber, and doctor. I asked them which villages they are from and they told me, but it sounded like one said those two are from a village he named and then named the one he was from, but they sounded the same. I was not sure if they understood me, but I just when, “oh.” The boys started laughing at me so hard. I really had no idea why. Next I talked to Susan. She is a super sweet young lady. She has only been at destiny for 6 months. She told me she loves to sing. After spending a little time with her, I was able to get her to sing for me. She sang, “ba ba black sheep.” Her voice was quiet, but beautiful! 
When our time with them ended we had lunch at a place called faze 2. Brian said this is a good safe place to eat food and what he has tried is actually good. I got bacon Mac and Brian was not lying. The food was good.
Next we went to the market. We only had 45 minutes here. It was so hard to do much in that amount of time. I tried to help Cassie get lower prices, but she was good at it without me. The hardest thing for us was getting out of one shop to go to the next because they want you to look at everything and buy everything from them. I think we went to 4 or 5 shops before our 45 min were over. There were still so many shops. At least I got the four items I was asked for. 
From there we went back home for the evening. For dinner we had soup and salad. It was so good. Well, all mama Esther’s food is amazing! While eating my salad, a termite fell and landed in my soup. It was gross. Both Andrew and I laughed though. Cassie and I talked to young Moses for a little bit. He said he saw a monkey while he was picking bananas a couple yards down the hill. He said it came from the roof of the building, jumped on the top of the van, then jumped on the ground and walked toward him. He told and showed us that it stood up tall and made a face at him wondering if Moses would give it food. Thankfully for him, it just walked away when it saw he did not leave any bananas behind. His imitation of the monkey was so funny. Moses found the picture he took and his imitation was pretty close. Like every night many of our group members played cards until late in the night.

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