Uganda 2017 Day 4

I woke up early to watch the sunrise. Sadly it was pouring down rain. I still sat outside for a while and drank tea. But the wind started to blow some rain under the cover. I went inside where Alex P, Andrew G, and little Andrew were playing cards. I attempted to journal, but they were to distracting, so I just watched them and greeted everyone as they slowly woke up and walked in. Then I decided to get ready for the day because I still had a little time before breakfast. Mama Esther made one of our favorites for breakfast! We had fresh homemade cinnamon rolls, hard boiled eggs, fresh pineapple, and their fun, tiny bananas. Jamie was freaking out about how cute the bananas are. They are about the same length as an egg. 
After breakfast we had our team meeting. It started off with instructions for the day. Then worship. I love morning worship! There is almost nothing better that being with a group of people and praising God together! Here are a couple things that I wrote down:

Mark 8:22

Sometimes God needs to take you out of your norm to help you hear him or show you something.

Sometimes we need a fresh touch.

Romans 4:17-18

I am excited to see how God uses our group the next two weeks!
Then the worship team went to go set up and practice for tomorrow. All the girls were going to leave for a women’s event and the rest of the guys, who are not ok the worship team, were going to stay at the guest house. When the ladies were loaded up in the van, Joanne decided, since it was still raining, Aaron should call mama Eva to see if we needed to go then or wait. When it rains in Uganda most of the people just stay at home until it stops. She told us to stay for a little while. So, we all went back inside and journaled and sang. Then Joanne suggested to prepare bags for kids church tomorrow. One group of us put together gift bags for the pastors at the churches we visit tomorrow. The other group put bags together for city kids. When we were finished with that I tried to organize my bags so I could find stuff easier. We played uno with Brian’s (manager of guest house) daughter Zoe who is now 10. She is so funny! We enjoyed hanging out with her. Then it was lunch time. We had fresh made tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch.
We played more games, such as scum and uno, until the rest of the team arrived from worship practice. They are lunch really quick then we headejJd to quality, the store. Everyone was able to buy coffee, tea, snacks, drinks, and pretty much whatever they wanted here. Then we went to the coffee shop.
We went back to the guest house and some of the team went to play basketball for a couple minutes. Our dinner was slaw, chicken, and mashed potatoes. We had a little free time before the people helping with kids church got together. We learned how the service works, what to plan for, and practiced the dance moves to some potential song we are going to dance to. It was so fun practicing. Although, Algena had a hard time keeping us on track. Then we played African execution aka mafia. The J was the killer, A is pastor Joanne aka the angel, and K is the sheriff. David was the narrator of the game and his stories were so funny!!!! We played two rounds and laughed a lot! Then we decided we should go to sleep since it was 11pm.

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