Uganda 2017 Day 3

After a good night of sleep we headed back to the airport to catch our flight from Dubai to Uganda. Going back through customs and security was so fast! It was nice not having to wait in lines for a long time. Also, because they have free wifi I was able to talk to and update my family on the status of the team. 
Once we found our gate we were aloud to walk around for a couple minutes before we had to get to the plane. Cassie and I went to buy bottles of water and decided to get breakfast at Burger King. The hotel gave us free breakfast, but because my phone did not change time, I did not set my alarm correct to get to breakfast. We did have enough time to run in and grab a yogurt and cheese stick to eat on the go, but it was not filling. Thankfully they were fast enough that we got back to the team and even had enough time to play a round of uno. Then it was time to get on the bus that drove us to our plane. In Dubai we load the plane from the tarmac.
I sat next to Ashley on the plane. She is pretty cool. While I was watching a movie she was reading a book called “disappearing church” And tapped my shoulder to tell me something amazing she read in and what it is about. I also talked a little to Jamie who was across the aisle. She seems like an amazing young lady. I am glad I have the chance to get to know them better. 
When we were getting ready to land I was so happy to see their red clay! I knew I was back to my other home again! One of the ladies helping with customs put most of our group in a line together. The people that did not hear back about their visas were in a different line than the rest of us, but at least they were near by. Once we passed through customs we grabbed everyone’s bags and loaded them on carts. People came through and grabbed our bag claim tags to make sure we took the correct bags and then we waited in line to put our bags through a scanner machine again. Algena, Hannah, and I were in line together. So many people kept cutting in line. It was so frustrating! Thankfully nobody cut between the three of us. Once we got to the front, Algena went to the side and one of the guys that worked at the airport put her bags through the scanner, then Hannah’s, and then Algena pulled my cart through so he could do mine. The guy looked very angry with these other guys that kept cutting in line and putting all their bags on before anyone else could. When mine and Hannah’s bags came through, our spare bags were pulled to the side. They wanted to search them. So, we went around and nobody was looking at or even near our bags. Algena asked about them and the lady said just to open them. We did and still no one. It was so weird. Finally we asked again and they had someone look. He asked why we were in Uganda and told us our bags were pulled aside because they had big quantities of the same thing in each bag. I am so thankful that Algena was with us. She is very outspoken and I was nervous. Hannah is pretty outspoken too, but it was her first trip. After questioning Hannah, the guy asked me what was in my bag. I told him hygiene kits. Then he gave me a weird look because of what answers he got from Hannah and asked again why were were in Uganda. I told him tourism and we will visit some friends too. He just seemed frustrated at that point and said close the bags and leave. We did and were super relieved. They never pulled anyone else’s bag aside. It was so amazing to see friends faces as we walked out the doors! We greeted everyone with big hugs and they took our bags to the truck as the rest of the team made their way out. The ride to the guest house was so long. As usual there was a backup for miles. I think worse than the i5 parking lot (as my dad calls it). When we arrived at the guest house, mama Esther had coffee, tea, cookies, and bread waiting for us and dinner cooking. We had spaghetti for dinner. Mama Esther can make anything taste like the best you have ever had. After dinner everyone got situated in their rooms, played games or sang and then went to bed.

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