Uganda 2017 Day 2

Today we have a long layover in Dubai. When we arrived at our hotel each of us decided what we wanted to do. Some people took a taxi to the worlds largest mall which is by the worlds tallest tower, 5 of us went on a tour of the city, and the rest stayed at the hotel and went to the pool. Cassie and I decided to go on the tour. We also had Alex, his son Andrew and Hannah. I took the same tour in 2015, but it was night, so it was fun to see everything during the day. We stopped at a mosque, the hotel shaped like a sail/ the ocean, stopped at a place that makes super fancy rugs that are for hanging on a wall, went to the palm and saw Atlantis, and stopped at the worlds tallest tower. We had fun! I think the ocean stop was everyone’s favorite, especially Andrew. The water was so pretty and warm. I would not have minded if the tour would have stopped there and then we had a quick moment to take a picture at the tallest tower. The next stop was this place that makes rugs. I thought it was going to be a tour of the place or something because it looked like it could have been a museum. This guy guided our little group to the back and showed us these immaculate rugs. Parts of them are thread made out of 24 karat gold with jewels (I thought they looked like pretty rocks) from different country’s that each have a meaning. The jewels (stones) were good luck for many things including women’s health, child education, relationship (marriage or family in general), etc. The fringe around the edges were not thread made from golf, but thread that was dipped into gold water. Then she showed us one that had a peacock and one that had the “BMW” of Dubai on it. It was a camel! Haha! Well, he showed us many options of these and then tried to sell them to us. The lowest cost being $450. We looked at each other and said we were not interested. Thankfully, Andrew had to use the restroom and the rest of us decided to use that as a way to get away. After visiting the palm/Atlantis we headed all the way back to where the tallest tower was. During the drive we were looking around… well kinda. All of us were so tired that our heads kept falling back on the seats. I was so glad it was not just me, but we still had to stay up for a few hours or we would wake up to early.
When we got back to the hotel Cassie and I went and sat on the edge of the pool. It was fun. The water felt good as we sat there kicking our legs in the water and talking to some of our team members. I think we were there for an hour before heading to dinner. It was hard for us to stay awake, but we talked with the other four at our table. Cassie and I are with Algena, Hannah, Alex, and Andrew. We did not see any of our group until we were starting to head to our room. Then we saw maybe 4 people. Both of us had a blast, but completely passed out not long after getting to our room.

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