Uganda 2015: Day 12

It’s Sunday again! Our group split up into teams and were sent to about 6 different churches. I was in kids church at Saints Gate again, but this time with Zach and Kelsey. I was very happy about this because they are younger than me and full of energy! We started with the adults. Our worship team lead the music while we were there. The team consists of Jessica (keys/vocal), Spencer (guitar/ ukulele/ vocal), Joe (bass), and Cody (drums)… There were some Ugandans, such as Martin, joining them too. CC came over and got Kelsey and I when it was time to leave, but Zach stayed to give a short message to the adults before coming down. This week we got to ride the bus down with the kids to their church area. I sat next to a little girl that was maybe 2-3 years old. The road was so bumpy that I wrapped my arm around her from her back to her stomach to hold her up. She was very sweet!

At children’s church we sang “jump into the light” again. Then they sang a couple of their songs for us. Well, actually for God. They probably spent a good half an hour singing. After music they split into two groups. Older kids and younger kids. Kelsey went with the older kids and had a message to share with them if their teacher did not have any plans. I went with the younger kids, but had no message prepared because Zach was going to teach it. Before we gave our message the kids would share a testimony. These were things like, “I prayed for my mom because she was sick and she got better.” It touched my heart to hear what they prayed for and how God made it better! When they were done, I was getting ready to grab a book we brought and use that, but Zach walked in right at that moment. He did so good! He had all the kids engaged in what he was talking about. The kids laughed, clapped, and gave him high fives! I have loved watching him with the kids these last two weeks. When he was done we pulled out the silly string and bubbles to keep them entertained for a little bit. Then the craziness started. We handed out their snacks and then candy. The kids are told they have to sit to get them, but that never works. You always get mobbed and pushed. I tried to get them to sit, but it did not always work. Thankfully we brought extra sweeties or some kids might not have got any. I am sure some got at least two. Because so many kids showed up after we arrived at the kids church, we had to walk back. It is fun to walk!

The three of us were able to listen to the end of the message in the adult service. The guy preaching was so good! He got everyone going. I guess he is from another country. While he was talking there was a baby girl who kept touching my arm. She would rub or pinch it. I did not mind. I have different color skin after all. Plus, how could you not love her curiosity at such a young age. She was maybe one year old. When the service was over, the lady sitting next to the babies mom said the mom asked if I would pray for the baby. I asked Kelsey to pray with me too. The mom said the baby was very sick and she wanted us to pray for her to get better. Of course I gladly prayed for that little one! We went back to the guest house not long after that.

In the evening we all went back to Saints Gate for a worship night. When we got there Joanne said not to play with the kids because we want them and ourselves to focus on God and not have distractions. We could have them with us, but try not to get distracted. When worship started we gathered in front of the stage and worshiped. There are no words to describe how amazing it is to worship with them! During the fast songs I enjoyed watching a group of guys to my right. They were so funny and had good dance moves! The sound was amazing, but even better was hearing them and us singing together. We sang songs in English and lugandan. Most of the 2.5-3 hours we sang i held a little girl. She was maybe 3-4 years old. One sweet moment happened while I held her. I raised my hand and she copied me! I learned later a couple other girls had young girls copy them while raising their hands in worship to God! I felt bad when it was time to go. She did not want me to put her down. One of the other girls told me that I had to because her and her sister came alone and had to walk home in the dark alone. It was hard to say goodbye to her. Tonight was wonderful!!!

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