Uganda 2015: Day 10

Shopping day! Today we went shopping at a mall and a art/craft market. I was so overwhelmed when we got to the market because the people running the booths do whatever they can to get you in their booth and to keep you there. I don’t remember having a hard time while I was there last year, but I also had Sophia or Bri (Brian’s daughter) to help me barter. My shopping list was very small, but as I shopped I added people to it. I was not the only one overwhelmed. A couple other people were to, but we got better as we went.

After shopping, we went to the rotary club in Uganda! They put on dinner and a show. For the show they did music and cultural dances. We all sat at tables while they danced. Right after they started we got up to get our dinner, so we enjoyed that while we watched. The had a guy that would tell you which region the were doing the dance for. He was so funny! They did the dance for where part of our team went while the rest of us were on safari. Also, they did the region mama Esther is from! She was able to come with us to the show. She lit up and got all excited when they did her region! The show was wonderful! At the end they had us all go on stage and dance. That gave our team so much energy during the ride home!

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