Uganda 2014: Day 2

This morning Sarah and I woke up to the phone ringing with our wake up call. The funny this is I was so out of it that when I picked up the phone I wanted to say our room number, but I said 500 instead if 8007. I think that is because it was 5am. Sarah and I laughed about it once the call came again a couple minutes later. We had 30 minutes to get ready and check out before breakfast. Then we had 30 minutes to get and eat breakfast before loading into the bus and heading to Uganda. Getting through the airport was not bad, but they did weigh some of our carry on bags. I took my bible out (the case also had a book and game booklet) that put the weight at the right size. Thank goodness. Joe had to stay behind and pull stuff out of his bag, but he put it back in before going on the plane. We took a bus out to our plane and got to walk up the stairs to get in. The ride was good. Once again I did not sleep during the flight.

When we arrived it was humid. There were so many similarities to El Salvador. The humidity, tree styles, the shopping area, the furniture they sell out of their house, and all the ants. The drive was interesting because I was in the van and the guy that runs the place we stay at was being your guide. The last road we we drive on is up a hill. The top part was so steep and bumpy. Some of us were surprised that on the bumps the bus did not flip backwards. Oh, and we drove next to so many termite hills that are about as tall as me. :s

We are actually not in Kampala, but Seguku. Esther and another lady were making our dinner when we arrived. Before it was ready we had a meeting that Brian and Joanne led and gave rules and tips. After dinner we played cards for a bit. Then some of us walked Mabel home. She is so sweet! She makes earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. We want to possibly buy some from her during our trip. She was so excited when we said we wanted to look at it. The power was still out and we stayed up a little longer before we went to bed. It was great going to bed knowing that I could sleep for a long time. I did wake up a few time during the night, but slept good otherwise.

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