Uganda 2014: Day 1 part 2

After we arrived at the hotel (in Dubai) we ate some dinner before some of us headed out on the town. My group was Ben, JB, Sarah (my roommate for the night and JB’s fiancé), katlyn, and I. First we stopped at the tallest tower in the world. It is crazy tall.

Here is some info about the tallest tower:
•In 2006 Dubai was all desert.
•Tallest tower took 4 years to build
•Top floors 150+ need to turn on the oxygen when get home because air is thin.
•Our driver said this about people who live on the top floors of the tower, “Forget to turn your oxygen on, forget to live.”
•Downtown is the old downtown and perfect downtown is the new downtown.
• It takes the elevator in the tallest tower 30 seconds to get from the top to the bottom.

At the roundabout at the bottom of the tower were three water fountain things (pictures below) it was so beautiful! The sprays of water had lights shining up from the bottom of them and all the palm trees around us were outlined with white lights (probably Christmas lights). This is located in proper downtown. Once we were done taking pictures, we went to (old) downtown. Here we just walked around. It was midnight and there were tons of people out… Even little kids!! At all the restaurants almost everyone was smoking a hooka. This walk was enjoyable and much needed after the sitting on the long flight. While there we saw another group from our team. By the time we got back to the hotel it was 1:35 am (pm at home) thus making me having been up for 31.5 hours with a 30 minute nap. Ben had the same nap amount, but he woke up 2-3 hours later than I did.

The big problem with us staying up until after 1:30am is that we had to be awake and at breakfast at 5:30 am and leaving for the airport at 6am.

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