Uganda 2014: Day 1 part 1

It has been a long trip so far. Thankfully, there was nobody in the seat next to me and I was able to sleep a little bit. Although, I was not able to sleep until we had 4 hours (of 14ish) left to fly. I believe in all I got 40 minutes of sleep. Per orders from grandma I did walk and stand a bit. I walked over to Ben when he was just finishing a game of BS with two of the girls from our team, Algena and Ren ( I believe here full name is Irena). None of us could win, so after a bit we just gave up. I also watched a couple movies. The first of which had to be Frozen! That movie has so many funny lines and even Ben laughed after I told him that he had to watch it. To help me not watch the clock I also did a few word searches, tried to read a book (but I was to sleepy to focus), and watched a couple more movies.

I am writing this from the plane now and we have 1 hour left to fly. I was excited to see the sunrise on the tv screen this morning. They have cameras on the plane and you can watch out the front of the plane or the ground. I can’t wait to land and see the sights in Dubai. As for my plan of getting to know team members before we land in Uganda, that may be hard considering we will probably spend most of our time in Dubai sleeping. I did talk to some a little at the Seattle airport and on the plane.

Sorry for the hard read… I have been up for 24 hours…. Now this is posted late too.

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