El Salvador: Day 9

Today we had church. I went to the same Sunday school class again, but it was mostly boys this time. After class our team, Franko, Carlos Hernandez, and one other guy took us to a shopping center that was more of El Salvador crafts. It was this big building full of booths selling home made product or items that said El Salvador on them. Qulette and Karen found lots of gifts for family, Ryan got a hammock that he wanted, and both Ryan and I got machetes. Mine is a little more for working and his is more for display. We did not have time to walk the whole building because we had to be at the church no later than 1 to do a skype call between Madre Tierra church and our (wa) church. It was fun to see everyone at home. Once that we over we taught the salvadorians the cha cha slide. We had so much fun, but it made us really hot. Sometime after that we went to pick up kids at the Piñera! Maria Isabel came to church with us! I was so happy that I got to see her again! She was even wearing a dress we gave her!

During church service Maria Isabel would not leave me. It was so sweet! To get her to do the dancing I got up and danced with the kids. About half way through the service our group did crafts with the kids. Painting wooden cars and making paper bracelets. They did really good! We taught the cha cha slide again with more people there. Then I had to let Maria Isabel go. I was so sad. I really wanted to bring her home with me!

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