El Salvador: Day 8

This morning we finished up the sleepover/ challenge with the kids. When that was over Ryan, Karen, Ernie, Bruce and I got our hair cut. She tried to argue about us paying for the hair cut, but we all put our money in her pocket. That was a good plan because she would not know how much each of us gave. Once our hair was cut we went to pollo campero. For those of you that don’t know, pollo campero is like KFC, but not nearly as oily. The food charged us up for the day before we went shopping for dinner supplies. We spent a long time in the store buying stuff to take home and food to make dinner.

When we returned to the church the district assembly people were there having classes. Karen, Carin, and I ended up in the kitchen painting the ladies fingernails and then we made paper bracelets as practice for tomorrow teaching some of the kids. While in their we talked and even sang. Some that we both knew in our own language and some only one person knew. It was so fun. Then we had to kick everyone out while we made a surprise dinner. Instead of them cooking for us, we made them a meal. Originally we thought we would be feeding 7 people other than ourselves, but once we started making it and talking we realized that there would be more than that. We set the table for 14 people and had extra settings at another table just in case. All of us thought we might run out of food, but we were not going to freak out to much. Before serving them we prayed for the food to last and them to be blessed. The food did make it to all 19 people that showed up and we had maybe two servings of the spaghetti left over! They all liked the food! Before bed, we played a game involving cups and rhythm then spoons, but with cups. Juan Carlos, Rodrigo, and Eddie played the games with us! It has been a great day! I will put up pictures tomorrow if I remember.

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