El Salvador: Day 2

The rest of last night went really well! None of us had our bags searched before we left the airport. The first person I saw was little Ben. I really should not call him little anymore because he has grown so much since I first met him. Then I saw Kevin and Rodrigo… And everyone else. I could not stop smiling! At the church we tried a fruit that Kevin called a real lemon. It was tart and had a hard skin. I would say that it is a little bigger than an orange.

Today we went to a fruit truck that was driving around and bought some fruit! There was one thing I had never had, but it was so good! There is a picture below. So far we have had Sunday school. We all pick a class and just go to it (even though they are divided by ages). We also had an amazing lunch! Oh, and I got to FaceTime with my parents!










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