El Salvador: Day 1

Today is the day we travel to El Salvador! We left early this morning and headed to the airport. An amazing couple, Harvey and Jan, willingly work up early and drove us. The flight was long, as usual, but went smooth. When we were eating lunch durning our layover in Houston, Qulette saw someone she said had a tv show. She could not remember the show so we tried to look it up by the channel it might be on, but of course we had the wrong channel. When she saw him, he was in line at Starbucks. He started to walk away before we found the show. As it turns out his show was on a different channel than we were looking at. It is called Lone Star Legend and shows on animal planet. He told Qulette that he was just returning from Africa and was there wrestling alligators. Oh, his name is Buck Medley. Now we are waiting for our flight to El Salvador. We are all excited to get there!






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