The end of house sitting job one.

Today is my first day back home after house sitting for my pastor and his family (although I did visit home a couple times). I do miss Lucy (dog) and Scooter (cat), but it is always nice to be home and sleep in your own bed. House sitting was fun… Even though a couple things went wrong, but not horribly wrong. Just wrong in my opinion and when I talk about them to people I might exaggerate a little because in the moment they felt worse than they actually were. Lucy was fun! She found a ball somewhere and we had a great time with it. Every morning she wanted out between 5:45-6 am. She would not let me go back to sleep after because she wanted food so bad, but she was not aloud to have it until 7a at the earliest. She tried her hardest to get me to feed her early. It worked twice or so she thought. I had to leave early those days for work. Lucy is a little ball of energy too! Then there is Scooter. He is probably the biggest and most lovable cat ever! He always wanted me to pet him, but would not want to be near Lucy. This meant at night time I would spend extra time with Scooter only. When I pet him or he wanted attention he would lick me so much. One day I was washing the dishes and he licked the part of my leg that my capris did not cover. His tongue is so rough. Sometimes if Lucy walked by he would smack her. Thankfully he does not have claws in the front or that could have been bad. One of his most entertaining habits is that when he drank he would scratch outside the water dish as if he was burying it. When he did that I laughed so hard! The last three are the two degus and the fish. I hardly saw the fish and the degus were in their tank. The degus would squeak at me when they wanted food. It was kinda cute. In all I enjoyed all the pets!

Here are the Picts I put up in my last post about them:






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