Uganda 2023 Day 9

Uganda 2023 Day 9

Today we had breakfast 15 minutes later than the day before. Alma and I got ready and went to help Mama Esther. She said we could not help for a few minutes because she had more eggs to cook. Mama told us to come back after we have coffee. So, we went to the dining room and Alma got some and she read the message I had prepared for clinic church. I also read her the short one I did for kids church last Sunday. We went back to the kitchen and Mama was almost ready for us. She let us butter the bread while we waited to use the pan. Not long after we finished that task she was ready. Alma cooked the bread in one pan and Mama cleaned her pan and cooked some too. We made 2 and a half loaves of bread into toast for the group. Our kitchen time is so fun and special. The food was completely ready just a couple minutes before breakfast was scheduled. After we ate, we had worship and went to clinic.

At the church we had Tony and Jodie, who are set people in the church every day. Then scheduled to be with them were Elena (but Radost came instead), Mark, and I. The first service we did was fairly fast, but we did not rush because God is more important than medicine. Only Pastor John, Tony, and Jodie spoke. This was so we could get the patients to education and then the providers. The second group that came in had a lady in the row behind me. She said, “hello sister, do you remember me?” I thought she was “pharmacy baby’s” (from last year) mom, but now I am wondering after talking to a couple people. I did recognize her though and (assuming it was pharmacy baby’s mom) said that I did. She let me hold the baby who is now two and she is pregnant again. I held the baby through most of the service, even while walking around praying for people. She had fallen asleep. Next thing I know Tony was calling me to the front to share my message, so I had to give the baby back. I feel like my message did resonate with some (of not all) the people there. Also, I was so happy John Basco was interpreting for me. This young man just fills my heart so much! I love watching him interpret in church. That is actually why I decided I wanted to sponsor him last year. Just seeing the passion he has for God and his people. I can’t even put it into words. It is something you have to see. During the time between services some of the teens dance and sing. When this happened between the third and fourth time, pharmacy baby’s mom came back because I asked her to for pictures. Her husband was outside the gate, so she had him come in and we got family pictures. It was at this time I asked if she was pregnant with her 6th baby, but she said it was the 9th. I could not believe it. When they left, I walked to where John Basco was standing with a couple ladies. One is a teacher and the other works with compassion International. He pulled me a few yards away to have a talk with me. His phone broke and he issues it to communicate with classmates and work on school. I told him that had to go through Moses who takes care of the money. Then we talked about school. I asked if he had to take time off to be with us. I had been worried I would not see him. John Basco said this week he had break. That is why he was able to join us. I am so grateful to God that the trip worked out this way. He then told me that when Joanne first went to his class he had bad grades in class. That is why he never thought she would pick him as someone to sponsor. Then she went to him and said God has put an anointing on your life and told him that he would be sponsored for primary and secondary school.  Then when he was in senior 6, he was worried about the ability to go to university. Someone told him he needed to pray about it, so he did. Later Joanne told him that he has someone named RaeAnn that wanted to sponsor him. John Basco said he could not believe if and was so happy he was just thanking and praising God. He said he also cried because of his gratefulness to God. With everything that has happened in his life, I can tell there is an anointing on him.

Then we had to get back. Radost and Mark were dancing along with the girls who were on stage. Doing moves the best they could from just watching. I joined in too. Later Martin pulled us on stage with them and we all danced along. It was so fun! During the service, Tony surprised Mark by having him give his testimony. He did really good. I feel like when we are nervous like Jen on Monday along with myself and Mark today, we have actually done well as God used us. At lunch time, we had team members praying in a side room for a little boy, Freddy. We had also gathered around him at church service too. They were praying for supernatural healing and release of any demonic presence that may be there. The time praying for and singing over him was so powerful. He became responsive, but did not get up to walk, but we trust God can still do a mighty work in his body. If you are reading this, please pray for him as we also continue to pray. Before we left that afternoon, we handed out bug nets that Chloe’s church bought. I believe we handed them out to single moms and pregnant women. There were so many. I hope this will help to prevent malaria for these people. Yoan set up a soccer game and a bunch of the boys were playing. Shirts vs no shirts so they could tell who team members were. He asked me to record a little and I gained a crowd of kids behind me watching my phone screen as I recorded. So, I took pictures with them as well. Then we had to say goodbye. It was so hard as we leave Karamoja in the morning. These people have my heart and always will. 

We had dinner and our nightly debrief. We were told today the clinic saw 386 people. For the three days we saw a total of 1,057 people. That is with only 4 doctors and 2 RNs. After the meeting, Jimmy showed up with headbands like I got from him for Destanie and Radost. He also brought a lady with him to help me with the beads that go around my waist. I could not get them on yesterday. I could have done what she did. It is one big, round strand of beads. She just untied and resized them. Then I went to find Yoan to give him the videos. We walked down to the pool tables together because he was going to play. Before I gave him the pictures he started talking to a random guy at a table. The other guy at the table started talking to me. He said I looked good as Karamojung. Then he told me how to pronounce all the clothing articles I had.

Crown= aramariet

Necklace= achiloit

Hip beads= ares

Skirt= loidia

Yoan and I talked to both of them a little about Karamoja, but then Moses came in and started talking to me. Yoan kept talking to them about to Karamoja, what we were doing, and God. I listened in sometimes and knew he would bring one, if not both, of them to Christ. The guy I had talk to left when the conversation got to God. At one point Yoan and the other guy walked away. The guy received Christ and gained the gift of tongues. Meanwhile. I was sitting there watching Dr Andrew play pool and making fun of how bad he was with Moses. Once Andrew load, Moses told me, “I will win for you.” He did win against someone who is an amazing player. I stayed there and watched Andrew and Moses play a few game as well as Joel and Tony who came later. Dr Richard came up about the time Tony did and he spent time with me. He offered to buy me a soda because he was drinking one. I declined because I did not want the sugar to keep me awake. Yoan came back after a few games happened. I stayed awake to watch him play one game. Then I gave my guys hugs and said goodnight. Yoan had me send the videos really quick before I went upstairs. I took a much needed shower and then went to sleep. Thankfully, Alma went to sleep already.

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