Uganda 2022 Day 16

Today we did not have much  planned. The team got up late and then had our final team meeting. We shared what we saw and what God had been doing in our lives. This trip was very important for each of us as God had plans and worked on all of our hearts. After the meeting we headed to the shopping area with Banana Boat. We were given a timeline to shop at the stores there or get coffee before we had to be back to the van and head to lunch.

For lunch, we went to faze 2 in downtown Kampala. This is where we planned to eat on Sunday, but they are not opened on Sunday. The food here was so good and so was the company. Jen, Naamah, and I sat at the end of the table with all the Ugandan team. We talked and laughed the whole time. Richard was jokingly complaining because some of the other people that ordered the same as him for more food. In the end, the restaurant employees, put all the left over food from our end of the table in one to go box for him. Everyone was laughing so hard. When they finished, he said he was going to give the food to his wife and say he bought it for her. He did not want us to tell her that was not the case when we picked her up on the drive home. When Mable got in the bus he handed the food to her. Jen said, “isn’t he a gentleman.” All the Ugandans that heard it laughed and then told Ivan what was said because he missed it. This group of men are so funny! I could spend hours with them!

When we arrived back at the guest house, a small group of us changed to the van and Sam drove us to doctor Richard’s new office building. It is Yesu Akawagla Medical centre. We were able to take a tour. I am so proud of him and his accomplishments! The clinic was so nice. Those that Dora gave the tour to decided to head back because Algena and Lany were going to stay behind. Doctor Andrew told Lany he would cut out some scar tissue she had on her shoulder. When our group went back to the house, we brought the lab tech with us and he did our Covid tests at that time since Sam had to drive to the guest house and back to the clinic to pick up Lany and Algena.

We stayed up the rest of the night because we were leaving at midnight. Some of us decided to get in one last shower before the long trip home. All of us finished packing our bags and played games. I played many rounds of spicy uno and spoons. We had Destanie, Jen, Lany, Algena, Doctor Richard, Moses (not seeds of leadership), Rachel Y, and I playing. Not everyone played the whole time. Doctor Richard and Moses had to leave and Rachel Y came to play after they left.

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