Uganda 2022 Day 10

Today I was in the church with Spencer, Tony, Algena, Rachel M, and Jocelyn. It took a long time to get the sound equipment set up. That means it also took a long time to get everyone through service, education and to the doctor. We got the first group through pretty quick. The second group took a lot longer. They took them in groups of 50 by what number was on the slip given to them at the door. In between waiting times, a group of Ugandan girls did some dances and the interpreter did some worship music. Spencer also did a song on his guitar and had everyone dance as well. I learned later in the day that a couple people decided after church they didn’t need to see the doctor anymore. Today we saw 576 people. I know this one is short, but I did not write notes to myself and wrote this a different day. 

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