Uganda 2022 Day 3

When we arrived at our house, we unloaded our bags. The team bags stayed in the hall downstairs and personal bags when to our rooms. I roomed with Chloe and Susanna downstairs. Joanne had a meeting with all of us once we got our bags to our rooms. She gave us a general idea for the next few days and told us she decided we could sleep until 9a (about 2.5 hours) if we wanted. That was the planned time for breakfast. I struggled to decide what to do because I would feel fine and then spacey. Finally, I decided to shower and see if that would wake me up enough to start packaging supplies for our clinic days. It worked! I was able to join Joanne, Chloe, and Ross. Many other team members decide to shower and then relax for a bit or actually nap. A couple more people did come to help. After breakfast we went to exchange our money and go shopping. Normally this is done at the end of the trip, but during our meeting we realized the team not going on safari would probably only have this chance. Richard drove us to the market that had all the booths of venders. Then we made a quick trip to banana boat which has better quality, but us more expensive. Some people who did not want to shop there went to the coffee shop. I bought the two items I wanted and met them there. Ssepuuya kept telling me that I needed to buy a piece of chocolate cake since I don’t like coffee. I kept telling him no. Partly because I did not want to hold the team up. When Rachel M came over and decided to get a coffee, I caved to Ssepuuya’s telling me to buy chocolate cake. He asked the cashier which cake was her favorite and she said red velvet. I decided to buy him and I both a slice of chocolate cake. He asked me if he could have a slice of red velvet instead as he had never tried it before. I think he felt bad when he learned it was more expensive, but I told him he was worth it. When Rachel M got her drink, they had put it in a paper bag since she requested it to go. The team was out until around 1:30p and came back in time for lunch. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening packaging our clinic supplies. It was a long day. Due to lack of sleep, at every meal I thought it was dinner. You could also see everyone slow down as the evening progressed. There was one group of girls left at the end attempting to finish packaging all the Tylenol they had dumped out before they would go to bed. During this time, Moses came over and introduced himself (mainly for the two new girls) and the other person with him also names Moses. He said he is OG (original) Moses and the other one was Moses jr because he came second. Oh Moses was telling all the girls that Moses jr was single and looking for a wife. Moses jr was so embarrassed to start with that it was funny. Plus all the girls were laughing as he continued with what he was saying. Then Joanne jumped to our defense and told him none of us were interested. I missed most of what was said do to the laughing and the side conversations happening. In the end as we all got up to put everything away and head to bed, Joanne said each of these girls are worth at least 10 cows.

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