Honduras August 3, 2019

Honduras August 3

Today we left for home. During part of the ride to the airport I sat on the top of my suitcase that was standing on end between two chairs. We had to fold up the back seats to make room for our luggage and we had 14 people and only 12 seats. Dr Huang sat on the edge of the row by the door. We stopped and met Oscar who was giving us some bags to bring home with us too. Rick moved at this time from the van to Oscar’s truck and I sat in his seat. I was able to face sideways and Dr Huang moved to the floor and had her legs down where the step is to get out of the van. We did not have much time at the airport as we left a little late so we hurried as best we could through all the check points, including customs and security. Once we made it to our gate, Lyndsay was pulled aside and then taken to the tarmac and her bag. They opened one of her bags of coffee and then taped it back shut. We did not know what was going on. She said they did not ask her questions, but she thinks that is because they did not speak English.

When we landed in Houston, everything went faster than expected. Going through customs, getting our bags, rechecking our bags, and going through security again. It took us around 45 minutes to get through everything. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Kassidy when we were through everything as she lives in another state. We had just enough time to grab some food and use the restroom before boarding the plane.

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