Honduras July 31, 2019

Honduras July 31

Today we went to a village that was off the main roads. Because of all the storms and rain the road was a bit damp in some areas. It was also up a steep hill. We ended up stopping part way up one hill and were hooked up to the truck in front if us that Carlos was driving. They did four ropes, but they were very thin for what I was expecting. We fish tailed most of the way, but we finally made it. There were a few stairs to walk up to get to where the clinic was. The school building we were in for the clinic was about a 30×20 building. Today we had to fit 6 doctors (as the heart to heart dr joined us), the dental clinic, and the dentists into that one building. The nurses were doing vitals outside. Today we had Beth join us. She learned how to do vitals to help when we have backups. She ended up doing the weight and temperatures for us. It was really helpful when we had families. Especially when Lyndsay has a family of 8. We got through people so fast and at 11a were waiting for more to come. While waiting for people Beth found a super scrawny kitten. It just walked into the area we were working. It’s fingernails were painted pink. We thought it did not actually have a home and one of the school kids painted its nails because we were told a cat recently had babies at the school. The kitten loved Beth, but why not? She loves cats. The young girls that were translating for us loved the kitten too. Mckenna wanted it to like her, but it took a lot of work before it did. While Beth and the girls were playing with the kitten, Caty was playing with a spider. She had the web on her finger and when the spider crawled up and was almost on her finger, she would move so it would go lower again. There were some people that came during this time. One family that I saw coming up the stairs was helping the grandpa. When they were at the edge of the porch he had one more small step up. They were having a hard time holding him and getting him to lift his leg. I thought he passed out because he was so limp when they were helping him. The heart to heart doctor came out and took his hat off and had someone get his water. She had them unbutton his shirt and then took his vitals. When she did vitals, I went over and helped hold the blood pressure took. I don’t know what ended up happening with him. It turns out he came to be seen for a heart check. We saw maybe 10 people after 11a before we took a lunch break.

After lunch a small group went on a walk. Then the team decided to pack up and leave. When we had a couple things left to carry down, a lady came to be seen. Our doctors were able to see her really quick and gave her and her kids vitamins and worm medicine. The van made it down the hill just fine without help. Our team stopped back at the hotel and some of us decided to go to the Omoa fort. Our group that went was Beth, Caty, Rebekah, Lyndsay, Dr Huang, and I. We decided to just walk around the grounds and not pay extra for a tour guide. It was cool and the landscaping was nice.

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