Honduras July 28, 2019

Honduras July 28th

Today is Sunday. So we went to heart to heart’s church. Obviously, the service was all in Spanish, but I actually knew all the songs in either Spanish or English. I love hearing and seeing them worship. We split up into groups and the gringos met in a room upstairs where we had, well a Sunday school class that Mary taught. The class was about listening to God. Near the end of the class, they took our drink order for the coffee house. The options were written down and we just marked which we wanted. The leader of the other team, Rick, told us that if we get a smoothie, the strawberry one is the best. I decided to order one. It tasted like a strawberry shortcake minus the cake part.

We stopped by the hotel to change if needed and grab the bag of supplies for games at the village. The team split into to groups and had lunch at the village. I had lunch in the girls house, but they had arrived long before us and were done eating, so we ate alone. Then met back up at the boys house. Some of the team that ate there were already playing soccer. We learned how to make tortillas before we pulled the games out. The lady that taught us said mine was “bueno!”

Our group decided to stay with the boys and then go to the girls after instead of splitting. For the boys we did a ballon popping game. You tie a balloon to your ankle and try to pop everyone’s balloon and keep yours safe. This was perfect for the boys! Another game we is where you have a tray with water and a dice. Everyone stands near the tray and if you roll a 6 you slap the water and splash everyone. It was not a big deal to the boys at first, but they played it again later and had fun. They enjoyed hitting beach balls and having the parachute (flat circle) to play with. For the parachute we decided the easiest game was to lift it up and down and try to keep a ball on it.

Next we went to the girls house. We planned to paint nails, but when we found them there were already painting nails. So, a couple of us helped with this and some of the kids painted the nails of a couple team members. For the other girls, we pulled out bubbles and played with them for awhile while Beth did face painting. I also taught a couple girls the dance to the song “Real love.” Then soccer started! I had a hard time running because I was wearing my flip flops. There was about 9 girls against 5-6 of us. We did not do good, but that should not be a surprise.

Back at the hotel, during our evening meeting, the power went out for about 10 minutes. There was a great lightening and thunder storm with a downpour going on outside. Thankfully, most of the rain had stopped by the end of our meeting as we had to take out suitcases out and divide everything we brought into five so we had the same amount for each day. Some of us did some more pill sorting (until we ran out of bags) as we had last minute donations. With so many people working on this it got done fast. Before everyone went to their rooms for the night Caty and I did a quick practice for blood pressure checking. We will see how it goes. At least I will get a lot of practice tomorrow.

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