Sri Lanka Day 6

Sri Lanka Day 6

Today when I woke up I went out to the main room to journal. Joanne was out there already and asked me if I wanted to do something other than sewing. I told her I did not care what I did. She could put me where she needed someone. Then Diane walked out. She sat next to me and started talking to Joanne and I. She said she really wanted to share her story, but wanted it to be the right timing. So, Diane started telling us her story. I am amazed by how strong these women on the team are! I could not tell how broken they are/were. God has given them so much strength. Diane has a hard story, but now she is leaning on God and trying to find what he has planned for her life. She is making God the center of her focus. Knowing not everything will be easy, but also knowing God will help her through any hardship she comes upon. I am so proud of her! Joanne asked if we could pray for her. Jayne had come out half way through the story, so the three of us prayed over Diane and her life. While we were praying, God told Kennesha to come out of her room and pray too. It amazes me how fast teams become family so fast during these mission trips. Only a couple of us knew each other, but most were meeting for the first time on this trip.

Then it was time for breakfast. We had rice patty squares, chicken curry, bread with mixed fruit jelly, pineapple, and banana. We ate quick because we had a short devotion time planned. That was because people wanted to walk back to Toby’s, where we had dinner, to get coffee. I stayed behind so I could have enough internet to FaceTime my parents and show them where I was staying. Then the bus picked us up and we got the rest of the team on the way to Heavena.

Once again we did the same projects. The jewelry was a bracelet made from strings that you knot. We had two new/refurbished sewing machines today! This was so exciting to us. I tried to thread one, but knew I missed a step, so I had one if the ladies show me how to do the step I missed thankfully the bobbin was already threaded on this machine and the other one. I was able to thread the second machine myself. Two of the girls today were so good. I was drawing lines for them to practice sewing straight and those two were already starting to sew the placemats. The machines were still giving us problems. Even one of the new ones. The part where the bobbin goes was loose and the bobbin did not turn. The girls had almost finished all the placemats in a couple hours. I was able to go to the jewelry making table and learn how to make the string bracelet. Angelina is a good teacher. Ren and I sat next to each other while working on the bracelets and had one of our translators ask the girls if any were willing to share their story with us. One girl was able to share a very little before we had to go to lunch. I asked if we could hear the rest after lunch and she said that was fine. Well, we never had a chance because they eat a little later than us and then the little kids come home and need to eat. One of the ladies that was working in the kitchen saw me working on the bracelet. I told her to pick out some colors and I would show her how to make the bracelet. I did my best to explain, but it was hard considering I had just learned myself. I feel like she was understanding, but her safety pin that holds it down while you tie the knot kept coming off. She was so excited to learn so she could teach her daughter how to make them. She told me that her daughter is very crafty. When I went back into the main building, they had brought out stuff the girls had made to sell. Everything was so cute! They had key chains, earrings, hot plates, cards, and fabric pieces to line clothes with. While the rest of the team bought what they wanted, I was able to talk to Josh. He is interning her until the end of March. This is his year off between high school and college. I asked how he found out about Therese and he said his family knows her. Josh wanted to travel, but he did now want to do the tourist stuff. He arrived about ten days before us, but I thought he had been there for a month with how comfortable he is with walking around by himself. I asked if he thought he had changed because of being here and he said yes, but his friends probably can’t tell because it is hard to show that over text. I am very impressed by him because I don’t think I could go off by myself especially right after high school. About the time our conversation ended, we had to leave.

When we arrived back at the guest house we just spent that time relaxing before leaving for our women’s midweek church service and our men’s midweek church service. I sat on my bed thinking I would journal, but ended up talking to my roommate, Jayne. Then Vanessa came in and we talked to her. We were mainly getting to know each other and talking about the trip.

Then we left for the services. Don went to and gave a message at the men’s service that is called BAR (brothers after righteousness). It was fun to say that Don was at the bar. He talked to them about abuse. He talked to them about how the change in abuse needs to start with them. How can a kid learn not to abuse his wife or children if that is all he sees growing up. Don told them they need to break the generational chain of abuse. It sounded like he gave a good message.

At SPA (sisters perusing Adonai) we started by giving gifts to the ladies. We had a their names in a bowl and pulled as many out as we had gifts. Then they had us greet each other. They said to greet 64 people you don’t know. Even though that was impossible for them, it was easy for us. They split us into teams by side of the church after that and we had a dance competition. It was so fun! We picked a team captain and they would show us what dance move to do for the song. They played a few different styles such as, Bali and ballroom. The very last song they played was from the titanic. Right when it started all the women went, “aw.” Then we had the message. Kennesha gave her testimony and talked about shame. Then Joanne went up and talked. She did not plan to talk for nearly as long as she did, but she just added to the message about shame. Kennesha and Joanne talked about how we easily feel shame. The shame can even be for little things as well as big. Then Joanne had people come forward for prayer. So, Kennesha and Jodie prayed for the women. Then Joanne had all the moms stand and prayed for them. That they would not have shame about the past and they would try not to add shame to their kids. I wish I could explain the service better. It was so good!

After the service we had dinner at Toby’s. I had chicken and fries. Then I got a watermelon and strawberry juice for dinner. Joanne also bought a couple brownies that the group shared. It was late when we got home, so we hurried to get ready for bed because we had to get up early for church.

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