Sri Lanka Day 4

Sri Lanka Day 4

Today for breakfast we had something that was like a tortilla, chicken with curry flavor, bread with butter and a mixed fruit jam, and bananas before having our group time. We sang and prayed at the beginning. Angelina’s birthday was today, so we sang happy birthday and prayed over her.Then we talked about what we were going to do for the day. Therese came in and learned about Angela’s birthday. She was so excited. She told us that when she woke up God told her to make a cake, but she did not know why.

After the meeting we headed out to Heavena. When we arrived we sat in a circle with the women and introduced ourselves. They then introduced themselves and told us how many kids they have and their names and ages. Then Joanne gave a message. It was incredible. It was amazing to look around the room and see them crying because the message was speaking to them. Then I would look at our team and see the same thing. She spoke about Matthew 5. The part with the woman who had been bleeding for 12 years (everyday) that touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. This woman had to warn people she was dirty when she walked down the streets. Joanne told them that Jesus turned to find who touched him even though he already knew who it was. Then he called her daughter not dirty or any other negative thing because women are just as important to him as men. This was such a perfect part of the Bible to talk about.

After that amazing message, Joanne split us in groups for each project we would be doing for the day. I helped Kennesha teach the sewing class. Other team members taught baking, did manicures, learned how to make bracelets, looked after the kids, or worked on the grounds doing landscaping. We were so surprised how well the women did for their first time sewing. We only did a straight stitch to make it easier. They learned how to make placemats because all you need is strength stitch for it. We did have problems with the machines, but I think we got three to work in the end. The thread would break in the bobbin, the feeder feet would not work, power didn’t work, or something else. Hopefully, we have the issues worked out for tomorrow’s group. I love the machines though. They are the old style where the machine folds into the stand and it is powered by a treadle. The shelter actually put something on it recently, that can be attached to a power outlet and you use a peddle to power it. I walked around a little at one point to see what everyone was doing. They all looked so happy. It is amazing to see smiles on the faces of these women knowing what they might have gone through.

We worked on our projects for quite awhile before breaking for lunch. They had so much food prepared for us. Rice, grated beets, fried mushrooms, lentils, cucumbers, onions, chicken, and these crunchy, puffball chips. Then they gave us fruit for desert! Papaya, watermelon, and pineapple. I love eating fruit in other country’s! You can not find anything better. When we had this break, I was able to see the changes outside. I could not believe my eyes! When we started the morning, the ground was all red dirt and when we went to lunch the whole back yard was almost done being laid with sod. The team who worked outside did such a good job! They did hard work in that heat!

After lunch we finished projects. The girls in the kitchen finished their cake. The brought it around to show everyone and had the biggest smiles on their faces! Then they cut it and served it. I told Jodie that I need the recipe for it. Our girls also finished up on their projects. They actually were able to sew their placemats. Before lunch it was a lot of working on the machines and them sewing a straight stitch down a pen line. I am still proud of how well they did, even before we made a pen mark, at sewing a straight line. I think the biggest challenge was keeping the machine slow, so they could control their lines better. One of the ladies, I think who works there, showed us these earrings she learned how to make from our team members last year. They were even packaged perfect for sale. They were on a paper to display them and in little bags. Joanne recorded a video to show the lady and her daughter who taught them.

Then it was time to leave. We said our goodbyes and headed out. We deceived to go see this market area called, Petra. It is crazy there. We did not buy anything. Therese mainly took us to show where their wholesale market is and what it is like. It was crazy. There were so many people and you had to push your way through. There were even vehicles driving down these crazy roads. Therese told us that every morning they pull everything out of their stores onto the walkway and sell. Then every evening they push it all back in. We did see a cool looking mosque and Hindu temple during our walk. I am not a big fan of that market, but only because there is to many people and you can’t have your “bubble” space.

Then we headed back to the guest house. On the drive back Therese talked about Sunday and how the services will work. She said half our team will sit in service and half will work with the kids or where needed. Then we would switch. She said, “Let’s call it serve and soak.” I loved it! She is such a fun woman. We were able to relax for a little bit before Therese brought dinner over. We talked about the day and one of the ladies said the moms easily gave their kids to them. Joanne said that is amazing because last year they were reluctant. Dinner was spaghetti, salad with Italian dressing, this chicken with an amazing coating on it, homemade rolls and garlic bread.

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