Uganda 2015: Day 11

Today all of us girls (except Jessica) got up early and went to saints gate church. We joined them for women’s bible study. The ladies were split into a singles group, married group, and one more that I am not sure what it ended up being. I joined the “other” group so I could support Bryanna while she gave her testimony. Three of our ladies spoke in that group. Bryanna started. She got some of the ladies starting to cry a little. Then Jodie spoke. Her testimony is incredible! I don’t think one woman had dry eyes when she finished. The ladies crying is a big deal because they don’t show emotions often in Uganda. Some had to have been crying very hard because I heard a few of them blow their nose. Judy was the next to speak. I only heard about two minutes of what she said. I had promised Algena and Elena that I would go outside and spend time with them because they were not feeling well. By that point Elena was feeling well enough to get up and walk around. So, I sat with Algena. We talked for a little bit before she decided she was feeling well enough to go inside. Our team had just finished passing out gifts to the ladies. If they were lucky enough to get a bag the received a piece of jewelry, toothbrush, tooth paste, plastic bracelet, and travel size shampoo. If they only got a package it was one piece of jewelry. They loved the jewelry! Right away they put on he necklaces and bracelets. Some even put on the ear rings there. It was great to see the joy on their faces! It was during this time that I told Jodie she did such a great job and I thought all the ladies had cried. She in turn told me that all of them came to her and thanked her for telling her story. They had never heard anyone tell a story that they could so strongly relate to.

When us ladies left there Aaron drove us to quality market. We were able to buy tea, snacks, and coffee to take home. The team met up at the coffee shop when we were done shopping. We could even get ice cream there.

Next we went back to the guest house. There was not other plans for the girls after that, but most of the boys went to saints gate church. They set up the stage for worship the next day.

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