Uganda 2014: Day 13

Today was shopping day! Brian (American), who helps with the mission house and guests, and his daughter Bri joined us. Another girl named Sophia joined us as well. Here family are missionaries here. We met her and her mom, Elizabeth, on Sunday (2 days ago). The first shopping place we went was in a mall, so things were a little more expensive and we were going to a market that has similar items for less. The items here were better quality and if you saw something you wanted it was recommended to get it here just in case they did not have them at the market. I did not buy anything. After looking through the store, I followed Ben and Bri. They went to the market to look for a special soda, but they did not have any. Ben decided to just get a coffee. We still had enough time to go to the bookstore. Neither of us bought anything, but I thought about it if anything caught my attention. The three of us hurried back down to the store our team was in because it was time to go. As it turned out we could have spent 30 more minutes shopping because that is how long it took everyone to finish.

On the way to the market area, Sophia gave us tips on how to shop and the general price to buy items for. It was great to have her. Some of us grabbed her so she could try to get us better prices. I did for a few item, but also asked her how much to get a couple other things for and went off on my own. She is so aggressive when she tries to get us deals. I think that is funny because she has a sweet, quiet personality. She has lived here for 8 years (since she was 8yrs old). She buys Nile coffee in bulk and sells it to make money and she also has another amazing ministry that she started when she was 12 yrs old. I don’t think I can say unless I tell you in person what it is.

We went to lunch at a beautiful restaurant! At our table of 8 people, I had the privilege to sit next to Sophia. I really with we would have had more time with her. Bri was also at our table and sitting next to Caroline. I got chicken cordon blue so that Sophia could try a little. She got a huge plate if ribs! I did not really need it, but I got desert and so did Sophia. She got the blueberry cheesecake. She said it had been years since she had a cheesecake. You should have seen how she savored it.

We went back to the market area again after lunch. It was a different section of it, but they still had very similar items. I went into one stall and the lady there asked me if I was Christian. I said yes and she told me she is a born again. She was so sweet! We talked for awhile. I learned that she goes to a church near the mission house we stay at. I ended up buying something from her… That I would have bought with or without her being a born again. A couple others bought stuff from her and blessed her with a little extra money.

Back at the mission house, Spencer has all four of pastor Andrew’s kids do painted hand prints on shirts. These were going back home with him to give to his sponsors. It was good idea for him to do that. We had a meeting to give Alvina, Peter, and Sharon a chance to say anything. They left at 5am the next morning for Kenya. Alvina and Peter will be there for 6 weeks and Sharon for 10 days or so. She is doing another safari. A few people stayed up until they left at 5am. It was sad to have them leave

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