Uganda 2014: Day 10

The team (minus the band) was able to sleep in this morning. The band had to get to practice in the city for worship that night at Calvary Chapel Church. We just hung out and slept in. I was not able to sleep in. I woke up at 7a after going to bed at 11:30pm. We left for the church about 4p so we would have plenty of time to get through the traffic. There was sooooo much traffic on our way there and people walking around than the night before. I think that is because we went into the heart of the city.

Calvary Chapel Church was almost at the top floor of this building and we had to take the stairs. Once someone mentioned the band having to bring up all their equipment that morning, I felt bad for them. Sarah E (lead singer) asked for 6-7 of us to join and be in the choir. It ended up being Ben, Scott, JB, Algena, Caroline, Yelena, and I in the choir along with three Ugandans. I did not know the verse to two of the songs, but I could peek at the screen every once in a while. When service actually started we first sang “Our God.” Right before we sang the words “Into the darkness you shine” the power went out.The timing was so perfect. There was no hesitation. We just kept singing to our awesome God! After the first chorus the power came right back on. The service was incredible! You could feel God there. Everyone was worshiping with all their hearts! At one point I looked at the three little kids in the front row. Even they were praising with everything they had. Two of them had their hands over their eyes and were singing and crying. I have never seen kids between the ages of 8-13 worship like that. It really touched my heart. I don’t even have words to explain how amazing the worship service was. The Spirit of God was defiantly in that service! When they did an alter call in the middle of the two worship sets, the three kids from the front row came forward. I pray that God will bless them and His light would shine on and through them. We also found someone and asked them how we could pray for them. I was in a group of four that did this.

Then we did the second music set. During the last song of the set Sarah E asked the pastor if she could call someone on the stage. He agreed of course. Sarah E said she had never done it before, but felt like God wanted her to call up someone with a baby that was sick or dying. Nobody came forward, but we prayed for the person and others in the same situation anyway. We finished the song and the pastor asked us to do two more, but the choir did not sing on stage for those. During the last song again, one of our team members went on stage and said what Sarah E was talking about might have been for them. Even though this person did not have a child, they feel like God wanted to let a situation go. A bunch of our team went on stage to surround and lay hands on this person while we prayed.

After service I learned through Jody that a guy heard the music on the street from where we were (about 8+ stories up) and followed it. Jody introduced him to the pastor because she could not answer his questions about that church. I really hope that he came back the next day! God finds or helps people find him in amazing ways!

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