El Salvador: Day 10

I was not able to update last night because we did not get back to the church until midnight.

Today (day 10) was our excursion day. We went to a couple places. First we went to this volcano (or maybe right next to it) and did a nature hike type thing. There are about 10 check points, but we only did about 4 because of how little time we had, but we did end up spending a lot of time by this old hotel or restaurant while we took pictures of the volcano with ourselves in front of it. This building was abandoned after the volcano erupted last time. The walk through the woods, the drive up and down, and the volcano area were so beautiful! When we left there we went to a little market place and looked around for 15 minutes before going to amazing waterfalls.

Once at the place for the waterfalls, we ate lunch before making the hike to the falls themselves. The walk was steep downhill in some places… Well, most places. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the first waterfall area! It is so beautiful! A bunch of us climbed on a little ledge to get our picture taken and it soaked our backs. After taking pictures there our guide hurried us to the next one, which was not as grand, but was still gorgeous. We got in the water here. There was a little man made tunnel through the rocks that we went through to a small waterfall nearby. It was weird because it was pitch black in the tunnel. At one point there is a turn you have to make and I could not get my footing because of the strong currant, so Ryan had to push me towards it. I was so glad he was in front of me because I just would have kept going and not by choice. We had so much fun there! The only bad part was the walk back being almost completely up hill and some parts being really steep.

When we got back to the church we changed and went to Dehlia’s house for dinner. That was so fun! Her house is nice and is bigger than mine. We had such a fancy meal and she even had a live band come in. Right before we left a couple people got adjustments from pastor’s brother in law who we have needed the services of a couple times this trip. It was crazy to watch! After dropping a few people off we got back to the church at midnight and were so ready to sleep.








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