El Salvador: Day 5

At the Piñera work site today we did not have a ton of work so there was down time and we would have to ask what to do next. We finished painting, welded some more, cut small beams an metal sheets, and did a little grinding on the small beams. I had one of the most amazing experiences when we were doing craft time with the Piñera kids! We gave each child a coloring book and a box of 24 crayons. After they had colored for a little while I went to take pictures. This cute little girl (pict below) pointed at her picture and said something to me. I had no idea what she said, but it was about her picture, so I smiled and said yes before asking Ryan what she asked me. She smiled so big and giggled! Ryan said that was so amazing and I asked, “why? What did she say?” He said that she asked if I liked her drawing. To give you a picture in your mind… Ryan said when I told her yes, “she lit up like a flashlight!” It totally made my day! One of the ladies that goes to Our sister church, but lives in the Piñera, makes the kids and their parents a meal twice a week when they meet (4 times this week because we are here) and Qulette, Carin, and I helped her with some of the dishes. She was washing Styrofoam dishes to be used again. This trip is amazing! There might be more pictures to come on El Salvador: Day 5b if I have time to load them!


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